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These Things Make Raline Shah Proud to be Oppo’s Selfie Expert

Raline Shah Oppo

Raline Shah finally joins herself as selfie angel aka a selfie expert Oppo after Raisa Andriana, Isyana Sarasvati, and Chelsea Islan. With her new title, the actress who has Malay descent is not able to hide her pride.

“I never considered myself as a selfie expert. But after see the selfies I post on Instagram, It seems that i like to edit before it being uploaded” said Raline on the sidelines of the inaugural sale Oppo F3 Plus at Trans Studio Mall, Bandung, Saturday (4/2/2017).

According to her confessions:  she likes to be creative when taking selfie photo. However, this does not make it “fake” aka don’t be yourself.

“I think the selfie is about spontaneous and honest. I’ve often in the photo for advertising and publicity while doing a selfie I can be myself,” says the star of birth March 4, 1985.

To Gizmologi, Raline also revealed that she is not afraid of being ugly in Instagram. By being part of the selfie expert Oppo, she will also still show what she wants to be as an ordinary person.

“But the difference with the Oppo F3 Plus that I use, the selfie doesn’t take a long time with other applications for editing. Just in 10 seconds you already make the results of nice selfies. Everyone can be a selfie expert with this device,” she said.

Oppo Raline Shah

Raline admitted that she had long since smitten with the Oppo after hearing stories about how good this smartphone is. No wonder she felt very proud to be one of the selfie expert.

“I think Oppo’s products are good and look cool. For example, the F3 Plus which has a stylish design, sleek, and modern. No one can beat this smartphone,” she said while showing off F3 Plus that she held.

As a selfie expert, Raline have any tips so that the results of a selfie is nice. According to her, confidence is the main factor for the selfie. If the selfie gang or group selfie, she suggested to stand in the position of the front to look prominent than the others.

“But with the Oppo F3 Plus it did not seem to fear us in the face as well, because of any position can certainly good,” she said.

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