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OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Can be Ordered, What’s so Special?


The success of Raisa Phone apparently makes the OPPO addicted to making another limited edition smartphone. This time OPPO presents OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition that offers a lot of features that are not obtained from the F3 that circulates in the market today.

Through the official launching that held at the Sheraton Hotel Gandaria City, Jakarta, Friday (6/9/2017), OPPO has officially announced the opening of pre-order OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition which lasted until 16 June. What is the greatest thing from this phone that makes it worthy to buy?

1. Available Only 600 units

Oppo F3 Reza

Different from Raisa Phone which produced as many as 3,000 units, OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition available only 600 units. With a lot of Reza Rahadian fans base, of course, the number is very limited.

Despite not having social media to interact with his fans, Reza Rahadian got a fans community that named Pilarez. Claimed, the number of people who joined in this community as much as more than 300 thousand people.

If a member Pilarez certainly buys this special edition smartphone, already assured of opportunities to get it will be very difficult, isn’t it?

“This smartphone is indeed dedicated to the fans and indeed should be limited, let no impression exclusive. Instead, I want that  Pilarez logo to be printed in this smartphone, but undone because they want to give the opportunity to the public to have it, too,” said Reza.

Reza himself is the actor in the middle of his golden moment in the national movie industry today. He started his career as a model, has currently starred in dozens of film titles in which the most part so box office. He has also won two awards Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) and the Indonesian Movie Awards (IMA) for the category of Best Actor.

2. The Price Will Be Getting Higher

Oppo F3 Reza

As the very limited product, of course, OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition will be the smartphone that rare and will have high value at a later date. Although the price is pre-order the smartphone this Rp 4,399 million, did not close the possibility will be doubled when it was in the hands of buyers who are mental speculators.

According to Aryo Meidianto, Media Engagement OPPO Indonesia, based on his experience shortly after Raisa Phone sold out, there was a seller who put this smartphone with a higher price in the online forum compared to the official price. Even then, the product was a used thing.

“There is a possibility, this phenomenon will also occur on OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition. Moreover, the total unit is less than Raisa Phone. Certainly, the price of this smartphone will get expensive,” he said.

So, arguably buy the OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition is an investment that will be profitable in the future. Moreover, the actor has a huge fan base and are always increasing, the possibility of demand will remain high and the timeless in time.

3. Exclusive Design and Manly-look

OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian

As if to be a Reza Rahadian figure reflection, OPPO F3 special edition has more manly-look than its rose gold and gold edition, which first entered the market. Wrapped with deep black color,  matte textured, of course, complement the toughness of the smartphone that made from aluminum.

Not only that, OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition also has the exclusive touch with the presence of laser engraved of the actors  “Critical Eleven” signature.

4. Special Packaging with Great Gimmick

OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian

OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition comes with the exclusive packaging that is different from the previous F3 that has been sold in the market. On the front, there is smartphone display that showing Reza picture who takes a selfie. Once opened in it, there are collectible items and exclusive gift,  such a notebook, magnet, and postcard that has Reza’s picture.

5. Keep Bringing the F3 Advantages

Oppo F3

Though the special edition, OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition has no difference in specs and features with the F3 which has been circulating in the market. So you can enjoy the sophisticated features of the dual-selfie camera in which the lens resolution 16 MP for conventional selfie, and the other lens with wide-angle 8 MP resolution that can reach 120 degrees for the group selfie.

OPPO F3 Reza Rahadian Spesification

[aps_product_specs id=”2700″]

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