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OPPO F5 with Artificial Intelligence for Selfie Comes Soon in Indonesia


By the end of this year, the tension of smartphone competition is increasing. All the smartphone manufacturers issued their whiz, including in the selfie phone segment. This time OPPO is preparing to launch the latest smartphone. Having previously appeared several leaks related products, today OPPO revealed that the newest series to be released in the Indonesian market this is OPPO F5.

This smartphone is still carrying tagline as Self Expert which is now coupled with Leader to show leadership in this segment. The new thing that will make this phone more and more popular selfie lovers is OPPO carrying technology A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Beauty Recognition that provides a high-quality selfie experience.

In addition, OPPO F5 is also the first OPPO device that carries the Full-Screen screen to provide a better visual experience. As the world’s fourth and second-ranked smartphone manufacturer in Indonesia, OPPO feels the need to answer the needs of consumers of full-screen display sailing devices like some premium smartphones that have been circulating in the market.

This smart phone will bring the best visual experience with the presence of Full Screen FHD + which presents images full of color and sharp. High screen resolution 2160 x 1080 pinned to provide comfort in reading articles on websites, viewing video content and also playing games. In addition, widescreen created without adding dimensions of this device is optimally used with split screen mode feature that can run two applications simultaneously in one screen.

OPPO F5 not only offers full screen display screen, but also carrying the latest selfie technology, A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology, which further strengthens OPPO’s position as Selfie Expert & Leader in the smartphone industry. The latest features embedded by OPPO have been tailored to the needs of OPPO’s target consumers who are mostly young people.

For the first time, OPPO F5 will bring the technology of A.I. Beauty Recognition. Where artificial intelligence is implanted on the front camera will recognize in detail the type of skin, color, gender and age of the subject of the photo and analyze the light conditions around the subject that will be connected with a database of photos globally. This photo database is used as a reference to be able to produce selfie photos to be much more real and look very natural.

This artificial intelligence technology will scan more than 200 points of the face and recognize every unique detail of the face such as the nose, curve of the cheek and chin shape to ensure the improvement of selfie images that match the subject’s real condition without being affected from the subject expression or shooting angle. The presence of this technology answers the main complaint of the current beautify software, which offers the same results for everyone and the results of selfie photos that look unnatural even tend to be fake.

Well, when is the launch time? No detailed information we can provide. OPPO Indonesia will introduce this device in the near future in Indonesia. So, just wait for the OPPO buzz at the end of this year.



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