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Spreading Well, New Mal in Jakarta Became The OPPO Store’s 170th Place


It is undeniable that OPPO becomes the most aggressive smartphone vendor today. In reaching the growing market, no wonder if the number of OPPO Store is built as well as many.

This is seen in the grand opening ceremony of the latest OPPO Store in LM Mall Neo Soho Floor, Jl. Letjen S. Parman, West Jakarta, Tuesday 6/20/2017) yesterday. Not the eleventh or the tenth store, but this is the 170th store.

Neo Soho Mall itself is also classified as the latest mall in Jakarta whose existence is still within a matter of months. With the latest OPPO Store presence here, it is clear that this vendor wants to extend its market share aggressively and spreading well.

“This mall is a chic and urban-style mall, in accordance with the characteristics of OPPO. Not only strategic, this mall is also connected to the Central Park shopping center. This is our step in hooking the premium consumer,” said Alinna Wen Xin, Brand Manager of OPPO Indonesia in His official statement.

Built on an area of 55 square meters, the new OPPO Store enables visitors to try various OPPO devices. In addition, there are also experienced trainers who are ready to help visitors to get information about the features on OPPO devices.

“With this store, visitors can try the product directly before deciding to buy the desired device,” added Alinna.

The presence of OPPO Store in Neo Soho is not the last time for this year, the article OPPO targets to build as many as 200 stores throughout 2017 to reach a wider market in addition to providing convenience to customers. Later, as many as 17 shops of which is a partnership with the OPPO Mobile Gallery, the retailer who has experience in the sale of gadgets in Indonesia.

No exaggeration if OPPO referred to as the most aggressive vendors today, the article according to IDC data vendor has been ranked 4th globally in 2016. In Indonesia alone, the position of this vendor is in the 2nd position overshadow the position of Samsung who is in ranked as the top seller of best-selling smartphones.

OPPO Store Neo Soho

Well, as part of the opening promo OPPO Store, there here a discount program for the purchase of OPPO F3 worth Rp 3.999.000 from the normal price of Rp 4.399.000, OPPO A57 Rp 2.799.000 from the normal price Rp 3.199.00, and OPPO F1s sold for Rp 3,599,000 from the normal price of Rp 3,899,000. This promo takes place June 20-24, 2017. In addition, buyers can also carve his name in the form of laser engrave on the rear body of the smartphone purchased in that period.

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