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OPPO is Ready to Hit Smartphone Photography Through Technology 5x

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Before Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 event which will be held at the end of this month, OPPO leaked that they will announce a new technology to smartphone photography. Smartphone company from China is calling the technology 5X which will be the release provides unexpected results, never even obtained through a smartphone camera before, especially in the details. Hmmm.. We are so curious.

Sky Li, Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business OPPO saying it continues to pursue perfection on every product through the incredible technological breakthrough which will change the way the world view to photography on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about what the technology 5X is. But from the name, we can already guess that the technology 5x will give you the ability optical zoom up to 5x on your smartphone. This is indeed a breakthrough because of some of the smartphones currently in circulation, the ability of the optical zoom has reached 2 times.


Lead Photography On Smartphone

In the last few years, OPPO claimed that has been leading the smartphone photography through innovation-oriented technology on the user and product. OPPO significantly has created a trend that became a benchmark in the industry.

In 2012, OPPO is the first manufacturer that started the trend of beautifying the face which is integrated on the selfie features the OPPO Find Way. Features the face beautify become popular among users and have become a standard feature on every Android phone at this time. OPPO managed to increase the capability of the software on the technology of beautifying faces today reached version 4.0.

OPPO Innovation continues, in 2016, OPPO announced the line series ‘Selfie Expert’ with want F1 Plus, which is a device with 16MP front camera. In the same year, OPPO work together with Sony to do a customization to the sensor of½.8 inch IMX398 on the R9s. The performance of the camera on the device smartphone OPPO, make the user experience extraordinary so provide a predicate OPPO as the originator of the trend of smartphone photography.

Because of its strategy, added with the massive marketing program, OPPO managed to become No. 1 brand in China with a market share of 16.8%. OPPO is growing rapidly globally and occupies a position to the 4 as the brands best-selling smartphone in the world, for the second time in the last 2 years according to IDC data. In Indonesia, according to IDC research, the OPPO managed to defend the position 2 in the two quarter of 2016, in Q22016 by 19% and in Q32016 by 16.7%.


Technology 5X as the Next Breaktrough

In one year, OPPO released the breakthrough technology of its newest ‘5x’, in the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2017 which is the biggest event in the technology of the smartphone industry in the world.

Sky said, this is a fantastic achievement as the result of the consistency of research and development throughout the year, combined with the expertise of OPPO on the innovation of smartphone camera technology.

“We chose MWC to release the technology 5x and we believe it can inspire the smartphone industry to a higher stage and continue to create products the pioneer who provide the best experience to consumers” said Sky.


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