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Career Platform “IDTalent” Seeks to Solve the Issues Companies & Job Seekers Encounter


According to Deloitte’s research in 2016, talent acquisition is one of the disruptive trends in Human Resource technology in the future. The market potential is huge. Coupled with the prediction that in 2025, Indonesia will face the demographic bonus era. On the other hand, another three years experienced a labor crisis of 56%. Departing from that trend, Putra Nababan dared to get out of the “comfort zone” as the chief editor of Metro TV to establish IDTalent startup.

“From the experience and challenges that are and will be faced by Indonesia, make me with some colleagues created IDTalent, a container or a digital platform that can bring potential applicants to work with the needs of the company,” said the son of a senior journalist Panda Nababan this time talks with a number of media in Jakarta (4/25).

This 1974-born man spoke at length about his career in journalism and the media industry he has worked for 23 years, so he understands the challenges faced in this sector. Not only in searching, processing, and broadcast news to the public but also manage human resources in the editorial.

According to him, the industry’s toughest media challenge is to get journalists and broadcasters who have potential, especially passion in running their profession. The concern is also experienced by various business and industry sectors and even the government. As a former editor-in-chief of many associates with various circles, he often hears complaints from managers, directors to company owners to bureaucrats about the talent crisis they face.

“Most of the companies that are looking for employees are like buying a cat in a sack because they can not know the potential, passion and actual skills of the recruited employee.This is the problem that IDTalent wants to address,” said Putra.

Putra Nababan, Co-founder & COO IDTalent

He added that Indonesia actually benefited from getting a demographic bonus in which many productive people can boost development and support Indonesia to become a world economic power. However, Indonesia is also experiencing a quality workforce crisis that creates a wide gap between industry needs and minimal human resource supply.

Putra hope, this IDtalent presence allows companies to get the best talent from various cities in Indonesia. At the same time open opportunities for every applicant to follow the selection in any company. It also helps Indonesia become a superior and competitive nation among other nations by presenting more talents in the industrial world, not just workers.

Unique Features of IDTalent 

The embryo of the startup founded by Putra Nababan and two of his colleagues has actually emerged since two years ago. They draft the concept, map the problem, create the algorithm, and so on.

Due to team limitations, IDTalent had difficulty in finding developers to develop its platform. Up to meet with five programmers from Depok to help the development that takes at least one year.

Broadly speaking, IDTalent is designed to make it easier for young people who just graduate college to get a job and achieve their dream career. On the other hand, it also helps the company to get the best candidates efficiently.

The focus of its development is to provide solutions to find and assess the right candidates, personality and psychological tests, interview and video interview management, and manage complex comprehensive recruitment processes.

What makes IDTalent unique is that it becomes a digital container of talent management that brings together three stakeholders, ie job seekers, companies, and recruiter.

Unlike existing vacancy sites, IDTalent is currently available in the form of a complete complement of its “Self Development” and “Career Preparation” features. Through a series of tests packaged as the fun quiz, one can recognize its potential first and also develop itself for the better.

The results of the initial test applicants, according to Son digitally can be matched with the requirements and needs of the company. There is a feature of ‘job matching’ which allows the company to be more confident in the prospective partner. Because it will suit the needs of the company with the ability of prospective employees.

Other services that also do not exist on other job sites in Indonesia are face to face interviews online. Interviews are conducted by selected Recruiter and specially trained by IDTalent. The chosen recruiter is a professional who has experience and competence in conducting the interview process.

The Recruiter is not co-authored by IDTalent to be a permanent employee but as a partner. As is done by online transport services with driver partners. They get honorarium in accordance with the work done ie paid each session.

IDTalent currently opens job opportunities for those who want to become a recruiter. They can work from anywhere and anytime with a capital of internet connection. The recruiter will be contacted if there are companies that need his services. Where for a one-hour interview, the company pays IDR 300,000. While the recruiter will get IDR 250,000.

The business model that IDTalent implements are to implement a premium subscription system for the company. As for job seekers are not charged at all. In addition, this startup also provides offline services for companies that require services such as HR training, workshops, and others.


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