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PopLegal Platform Facilitate Access to Legal Services in Real-Time


Low public awareness on the importance of law in everyday life, becomes the background of the birth of PopLegal, a local startup from Indonesia that focuses on legal services. According to the company which is part of the GnB Accelerator program, the causes of the low awareness of the law by the Indonesian is they can’t reach out to access legal services, both in terms of cost, and the gap between the number of providers of legal services with the needs of the community.

A result of that, people who are unfamiliar with the law often do not notice what became of his rights, and with what rights can be protected. PopLegal offers convenience for every layer of the community in accessing legal services with a very affordable price.

Based on the information we receive, PopLegal is the business & legal administration platform, where the user can create documents business agreements & legal, obtain a form of administration, and process them in real-time. As well, the user can obtain info common law or connected with legal consultants related if needed

PopLegal presents a system of making agreement document that is user-friendly and real-time. The Startup is utilizing the help of technology online document generator where users just enter the required data, then the document will be created automatically as needed.

In addition to the creation of the document, PopLegal also provides a platform where the user can save, edit documents in real-time anywhere, anytime. There are at least three services provided by the PopLegal which can be accessed on their website, is as follows:

1. Document Generator

Doc-Gen is one of the PopLegal services, where the user can make the agreement documents is as easy as filling out the form. With online document generator, the user can create a document of the agreement itself. In addition, the Doc-Gen can also be used for the manufacture of the form of administration, legal documentation & other business. The User does not need to be concerned with the preparation of sentence agreements because the agreement documents in the Doc-Gen has been designed by professionals who are practitioners in the field of law.

2. Document Management System

Is a platform where the user can save, edit, and review documents in real-time. In addition, the user can also invite the parties concerned in the manufacture of papers. This can facilitate the user in making the agreement document that you want to adjust with all the parties concerned.

3. PopSupport

With PopSupport, society does not need to be confused again looking for a place to ask about legal problems because of a reason “not have the acquaintance of the advocate”. In addition, PopSupport also has features that can help the community to connect with the providers of legal services, such as legal consultant/advocate, and the notary/PPAT, in accordance with their needs and legal problems encountered.



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