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Oppo F3 Plus Review: Bigger Screen, Wider Selfie


Oppo F3 Plus enliven the smartphone market in Indonesia by offering its advanced selfie features. With the increasing level of the narcissism of smartphone users, it seems that the features presented this could be more interesting value.

If linked with psychology science, a study from Ohio State University may claim that selfie is a symptom of the mental disorder, but it is true that many smartphone vendors are competing to bring smartphones with camera technology that is qualified for selfie. Does this mean there is a conspiracy to spread madness globally?

Admittedly, one of the most aggressive vendors in pushing this madness is Oppo. Yes, since changing the trademark from “smartphone” to “camera phone”, this China vendor is so aggressive to bring the ranks of smartphones that have advantages in front of the camera. “Selfie expert”, so this vendor claims the identity.

Does Oppo merely boast of using “selfie expert” frills? In fact not. Along with selfie trends that continue to craze, prestige Oppo as a smartphone brand that okay for selfie increasingly uphill. Selfie seems to be a prose that is identical with this vendor.

Well, as if to defend his title as “selfie expert”, Oppo presents the newest champion bertitel F3 Plus which has a premium taste compared to previous F-series. Then, how is its performance?

The Design

When premium is defined as “luxury”, then Oppo F3 Plus has it with very strong impression. With unibody design that made from 98% metal-based material, can not be ignored that this smartphone seems so luxurious. Even that luxury was so noticeable when you first saw it. Once grasped the sensation of luxury mingles with the strength of its form factor that feels solid.

However, overall the design that carried Oppo is not too special considering on the market today that many smartphones that have the same design concept as the effect of the popular iPhone 6. Too generic, so the term. But, the difference in Oppo F3 Plus design with others lies in the line of six string antennas that seem thin and beautiful.

Not just beautify the design in real terms, the lines are also made the smartphone capture power to 4G signal and Wi-Fi is getting stronger. At least, once I try to stream video with Wi-Fi network at home, this device is able to do it smoothly than other devices in the same space.

Still in the design sector, the Oppo F3 Plus certainly still have the DNA of the F-series so that the curve of the body that brings deja vu effect from F1, where on the front there is a home button that can function as a fingerprint scanner to provide the high level of security. Not just safe, this feature is also different than similar features that exist on the smartphone, where the level of sensitivity is also amazing. Simply touch the button without having to press it, the sensor can directly read the user’s fingerprint. On paper, the speed reached 0.2 seconds that quiet impressive, Gizmolovers!

The Display

As the name implies, Oppo F3 Plus is indeed a large version of F3 that will be launched later on. So not surprisingly, the screen size is fairly a plus, which is 6 inches with JDI panel In-cell 2.5 D which gives the effect of the curvature on the front.

With its screen size, the Oppo F3 Plus is certainly a great device for watching videos or playing mobile games. Moreover, the resolution also Full HD makes the image look so detailed and comfortable for the eyes, although there is a separate feature called Eye Protect Mode to make it more comfortable.

As a person who hates screen protectors that tend to make the screen performance less smooth, the Gorilla Glass 5 protection on Oppo F3 Plus certainly makes me so calm using it even without that annoying plastic layer. Claimed, the glass material is 80% stronger than Gorilla Glass 4. So, the use of screen protector does not seem a necessity in this device.

The Performance

If Oppo F3 Plus has a premium impression in terms of design, is it also so with the performance? To be honest, I dare say that this smartphone is not to fight in the hi-end segment like Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. But for the class is clearly the best, just look at the screen capture of benchmarks of several platforms below:

Yes, this smartphone uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 653 MSM8976 Pro chipset with clocking speed of 1.95 GHz, and GPU Adreno 510, 4 GB RAM, and runs on ColorOS 3.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When used to play Asphalt 8 games, I do not find the moment of nagging that makes the game so as a patience test simulator.

Well, as a device that is prepared to accommodate users selfie photos, Oppo F3 Plus equipped with 64 GB of internal memory. So, can imagine how many thousands of selfie photos can be stored in it? If this is still lacking, there is still a microSD slot that can add capacity up to 256 GB. But what selfie should be this crazy?

The Cameras

There seems to be less if I explore this feature not quite complete, considering the features of the camera on Oppo F3 Plus is not perfunctory. As if to improve the user experience in self-self, there is a dual-camera feature on the front.

For those wondering why features like this should be up front? First, Oppo wants to strengthen his image as a selfie expert. Secondly, does it want to have a lifetime to carry a selfie stick every selfie want to roll around?

With dual-camera, it allows Oppo F3 Plus to provide additional features for selfie. No kidding, this feature is an 8 MP camera with a lens that can capture angles up to 120 degrees. So indeed this feature is dedicated to those who want to wide selfie or group selfie without having to scrambl the best position to get caught on camera.

Unfortunately, on wide-angle lens testing I do it alone, not rollicking like a selfie nowadays with a group. But rather “accompanied” objects that are not cut off on the other end (in the form of a car), different if I use another one lens that resolution 13 MP, where I look “lonely”.

Uniquely, this wide-angle front camera does not just make the user free from the shackles of selfie stick, but also free distortion. As is known, usually a wide-angle lens that is identical to the fish-eye lens makes the face of the object so not proportional because the shape of the head and body becomes much larger while the body shrinks.

Feeling less pretty or handsome? Do not worry! Oppo F3 Plus has a Beautify 4.0 feature that makes creativity in selfie more creative. Eliminate acne, it’s able. Make skin whiter, it’s able. Makes eyes look great too. But believe me, I do not often use these features when selfie.

As a person who does not really like selfie, Oppo F3 Plus did manage to make me often do “random” selfie for personal consumption. But, fortunately the rear camera is not ignored in terms of technology and functionality.

Yes, this smartphone has a 16 MP camera with 1 / 2.8-inch sensor IMX 398 which is the latest sensor module from Sony. So, at least I get sidetracked from those “unintelligent” selfies by experimenting on the main camera that can be relied on to capture the various moments in various situations and conditions.

Moreover, the camera is also reinforced with dual PDAF technology which is the result of collaboration Oppo with Sony  in which makes the camera able to capture the image focus 40% faster even in low-light conditions. Aperture lens F / 1.7 also makes this camera able to capture more light, so that images are taken to be more sharp and detailed, even in low-light conditions.

In general, arguably superior features Oppo F3 Plus on the front of the camera certainly will make users will be selfie-addicted. But, is not afraid to be considered a mental disorder because of often selfie with this device? Do not worry. Unlike the results of Ohio State University, scientists at the University of Grapevine, UK mentioned that people who often selfie have a high level of intelligence, Gizmolovers!

The Battery

Follows its big design, there is a capacity of 4000 mAh battery that makes Oppo F3 Plus can be used all day for normal use. So apparently not just want to make users free from selfie stick dependence, this smartphone can also make the power bank is no longer an important device to carry everywhere.

Despite the large capacity, to recharge the battery does not need to take a long time. Based on personal experience, VOOC Flash Charge’s flagship feature is able to charge more than 50% of battery capacity by simply charging less than 30 minutes. So, the assumption to get 100% I do not need to waste up to 2 hours to just recharge the battery.


In the midst of selfie trend that continues to craze, Oppo seems really perfect to take advantage of this momentum by presenting F3 Plus as a new hero. It’s so make sense, because this smartphone has a lot feature for selfie enthusiast especially for those who like to take a group selfie.

Fortunately, Oppo does not focus solely on its image as a “selfie expert” because there are many features that make smartphone use more enjoyable. Even for those who do not really like selfie, behind the camera can also be relied upon for mobile photography as a show of existence in Instagram.


The coolest selfie feature (what else?)
Rear camera realiable as good as the front camera
The design material impressed premium both when viewed or held
Very fast fingerprint scanner
Long battery life-time, quick to charge


The screen is too large, making it difficult to use on one hand
Unremovable battery


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