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Has No IT Background, This Indonesian Doctor Makes Digital Startup for Health

digital startup for health

Many consider if you want to make a digital startup should have a qualified background in the field of IT. This thought is wrong. Due to the fact, many of the best digital startups come from ideas that are not motivated by IT education. One of them is Roo! the digital startup for health which is actually made by a doctor.

Bagas Adhimurda Marsudi, a young doctor who decided to follow the 1000 Startup Digital National Movement Jakarta is initiated by KIBAR to make a digital startup for health.

Bagas who is a Hustler initiated the birth of Roo !, a platform that helps parents monitor child growth and know when and how many immunizations should be provided to the child through available data. The idea of this digital startup for health departs from Bagas’s personal experience when dealing with patients.

“When I practice, many patients I handle are children. Often the problem is parents who lack a credible source of information about child health problems. Parents have been trying to find information over the internet, but the results actually cause fear because the information gained tends to exaggerate, “said Bagas.

Roo! provides information on health and child development that is directly obtained from trusted doctors. Besides Roo! Also, provides a feature to help parents in monitoring the health and development of children.

“We understand that parents also want to be able to take care of their own children, in addition to specialist pediatricians in Indonesia has not so many in number. Well, inside Roo! There are articles that are categorized according to the needs of parents and also tools for them to monitor the growth of their children, so parents know what to do and pay attention from the child, “said Bagas further.

Roo! Managed to be one of the three best startups at the 1000 Startup Digital National Movement Jakarta

Roo! Which is currently being focused on the development of its marketing, recognized Bagas already developed before he signed up to the National Movement 1000 Startup Digital Jakarta in 2016. The desire to seriously develop Roo! In order to be used by the public to be his motivation to join this movement.

Bagas also says if anyone can make a startup though not from the IT field. The most important thing in making startup is the problem you want to solve and the ability to find partners who have the same vision.

“Initially Roo! It’s just me with three college friends who are doctors too. So we are all the same background, from the medical field, no one understands about digital startup and the like. Therefore by joining the 1000 Startup Digital National Movement is expected Roo! can grow and help many people, “said Bagas.

What Bagas is doing works well. Roo! along with two other startups managed to become one of the teams that escaped up to the Incubation stage.

This graduate of Gadjah Mada University invites other young Jakarta children to help build the startup to solve the problems around. Currently, the 1000 Startup Digital National Movement in Jakarta has entered the second edition.

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