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Samsung Launches IoT Washing Machine with Artificial Intelligence

Samsung WW8800M

The development of internet of things technology is growing rapidly targeting various household appliances, one of which is a washing machine. In the IFA 2017 Berlin, Samsung introduced its newest Samsung WW8800M washing machine that has been equipped with IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Samsung WW8800M offers an AI washing assistant called Q-rator. This assistant provides three smart features to help make laundry activities more convenient. First, the Laundry Planner allows consumers to set up laundry time, freeing consumers to control their schedule at will.

Secondly, Laundry Recipe provides an automatic recommendation for optimum leaching cycle based on information such as color, fabric type, and impurity level entered by the user, so there is no need to guess which cycle is best. The third HomeCare Wizard that monitors the remote washing machine, proactively warns users about problems that may arise as well as the solution quickly.

Samsung WW8800M was also equipped with AddWash, an innovative feature that gives the ability to add clothes when the cycle is running. From forgotten socks to items that need to be included in the next cycle, AddWash even lets users add detergents or fabric softener. The combination of Q-rator and AddWash creates a synergistic effect that further improves user convenience, simplifying the laundry process.

In addition, still in the same washing machine, Samsung also introduced QuickDrive technology that can reduce the time needed to wash clothes drastically, to be half the time. Samsung QuickDrive technology is claimed to cut washing time by up to 50% and energy use by 20% without sacrificing cleaning performance. Even in Super Speed settings, daily laundry can be completed in just 39 minutes, without sacrificing performance washing, energy efficiency, fabric maintenance and device durability.

WW8800M also features EcoBubble that provides powerful wash performance by mixing air and water to produce detergent bubbles that can penetrate cloth more quickly and maximize detergent effects even at low temperatures.

Not only that, this washing machine is also equipped with Samsung Digital Inverter technology that reduces noise and helps reduce energy consumption while providing more durable durability. This washing machine also uses Ceramic Heater + with a new type of anti-adhesion coating, which ensures increased heat up to 55% less than conventional ceramic heaters, helping the heater maintain its performance longer with higher durability.

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