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Tips How to Share Content with Many People at the Same Time Using SHAREit Apps

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One of the obligatory activities on the streets is to capture every moment either in the form of photos or videos from the camera. It would be inconvenient if traveling rame-rame many who requested the original documentation. Send via Bluetooth with large files and many obviously troublesome. Through instant messaging the quality decreases. Actually, there are more fun ways for different content. Namely by utilizing the SHAREit application to perform large data transfer and can be directly done on several people at once.

Applications are available on various platforms, from Android, iOS to Windows and Mac desktop computers can transfer many files at once to a maximum of five friends at a time. The most fun, we can share and retrieve files in the group share without having to worry about your data quota is reduced. Because the SHAREit application utilizes WiFi Direct technology.

If you’re traveling with friends and want to exchange photos, you can use GroupShare and Share Zone features in the SHAREit app. Both menus are right at the bottom of the SEND – RECEIVE menu that is immediately visible on the main page.

The Share Zone menu leads to a collection of document files. From there we can mencontreng files and documents anywhere that can ‘diintip’ or taken directly. Regardless of file size, no matter how many files, friends on the same wireless network you can have, or move the file to another smartphone.

But to be able to provide ‘field files’, it’s good first create a Group Share. When Group Share is clicked, a radar will appear. The signal will look for anyone who is on your network. If found SHAREit accounts owned by your friends, please click their avatar one by one. Automatically they have entered into the share group you have created.

From here, you just look for the files you want to share. One click, the files will be directly delivered to members in your group share. Likewise other members can do the same. So that all the photos or video exciting trips can be shared to all members instantly. After that, can be directly exhibited to social media to be more exist.


Screenshot of Group Share features in SHAREit apps

Remember, the size of the files sent is unlimited, even to the size of a gigabyte though. Moreover, in trials, to send a file with a size of 200 MB, it only takes two minutes to be sent to four people at once.

For information, ShareIt is an application to send and receive high-speed data files. Current users have reached one billion with 10 percent coming from Indonesia.

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