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Smart Protection for Privacy and Security


Based on a study of Zimperium, Cyber attackers are constantly looking for and finding new ways to attack mobile operating systems. The study also stated that 13% of Android devices, in fact, have applications known as malware. These conditions underlie Cheetah Mobile to launch the latest application: Security Master.

Likewise with research conducted by Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab in the United States. About 60% of internet users feel unsafe when browsing or surfing the internet via mobile devices, and 30% do nothing to protect the security of their mobile devices.

Furthermore, online hackers and the exposure of personal data online – which can lead to identity theft and financial loss – are some of the most dreaded by Internet users. It is a serious threat and with the emergence of a “locker virus”, a type of virus that can lock Android devices in various ways, even via SMS. Users should be more careful and protect their devices, especially for Android users.

Well, this Security Master application is the latest generation of CM Security which is a popular personal security and antivirus application that has been downloaded more than 500 million times on Google Play. Security Master has been launched worldwide and can be downloaded free for Android users. Although present worldwide, one of its newest features is specially designed for the US market to protect users’ privacy regarding rollback rules for internet service providers.

Security Master offers real-time protection that fits the circumstances for all Android devices. With artificial intelligence technology from Cheetah Mobile, this application can make a direct diagnosis, classify the conditions that occur, and provide recommendations for users to be able to operate the device optimally.

If a diagnostic result already exists, the Security Master will advise in 3 scenarios, SCAN, which detects and protects the device from malware in less than 10 seconds; BOOST, which will turn off background activities that are not used so as to make room for memory that will speed up the workings of your device; And CLEAN, which will clean up junk files.

This app features “SafeConnect,” a feature designed to complement mobile Internet security by protecting and encrypting data transmitted over the internet. SafeConnect also protects applications with more security vulnerability categories, including instant messaging, financial banking, e-commerce, and browser applications. When an application in this category is opened, SafeConnect will actively provide protection. This feature also includes protection for various applications made in Indonesia.

SafeConnect is also supported by AnchorFree Hotspot Shield VPN technology to secure internet connections, encrypting personal information so that users can safely conduct online activities at home, workplace or public places. Security Master can integrate its privacy technology with Software Development Kit (SDK) from AnchorFree.

In addition to revamped features for privacy protection and mobile security, Security Master also offers various protection options such as AppLock, which provides Fingerprint Scanner and Intruder-Selfie features that will capture photos of people who fail to open your device. There is also a Notification Manager that shows notifications in one view and caller information.


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