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Android Dominates Smartphone Sales in the World, Who’s the Champion?


The one and only is Samsung, the champion in the ranking of the best selling smartphone sales in the world. This can be seen from data published Gartner from the results of its analysis for smartphone sales this 2nd quarter of this year, April – June 2017.

Gartner currently has sold 366.2 million smartphones in the past three months, of which 87.7% of them are Android-based devices and 12.1% of iOS.

From the data, Samsung is ranked at the top with 22.5% market share of its success to selling as many as 82.5 million devices. In the second rank, there is Apple with iPhone products that pocketed sales of 44.3 million devices.

In 3rd place, Huawei has 35.6 million devices (9.8%), followed by Oppo 26 million units (7.1%) and Vivo 24.3 million units (6.6%). On that way, practically the most Chinese vendors dominate the list.

In terms of numbers, Gartner revealed that mid-range devices in the range of US $ 150 to US $ 200 or about Rp 1.5 to Rp 2 million became the most widely purchased, especially those that already support 4G connections. In that period, smartphone sales in the world rose 7.6% over the previous quarter.

In the midst of trends in the use of OLED screens and flash memory on premium smartphone devices, Anshul Gupta, Research Director Gartner predicts producers will experience a shortage of stock so that the supply of premium devices produced with the material will stagnate.

“We have seen this phenomenon in Huawei P10 that lacks flash memory, while brands like HTC, LG and Sony are caught between the aggressive Chinese brands and the market share of premium devices controlled by Samsung and Apple,” he said.

Meanwhile, previously Google has released the most widely used Android OS in smartphone devices. In that data, it is mentioned that Android OS Marshmallow still dominates usage compared to another Android version, though the latest: Nougat.

Well, you yourself use what platform-based smartphone, Gizmolovers?

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