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10 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Introduces iPhone


Undoubtedly, iPhone is the most popular smartphone, a relic from Steve Jobs that irreplaceable with Android smartphone most advanced though. Time flies fast, this Apple smartphone has been present a decade in the smartphone market.

Yes, exactly 10 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in the event the Mac World, which was held in San Francisco and become the moment’s most iconic throughout the history of Apple. At that time, Steve describes the iPhone as an iPod with a large screen, a revolutionary mobile phone, and breakthrought internet-based tools.

Shortly after the launch, Apple started selling the iPhone prime 6 months later and after a decade since the launch has sold over 1 billion units worldwide. iPhone sales also continue to rise until 2016, the year in which this smartphone for the first time experienced a decline in sales. Even so, the smartphone is still considered as most successful Apple product, because it manages to give the revenue amounted to 60% of the overall product.

“iPhone is an important part of the lives of our customers, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live. the iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in the first decade and no one has been as good as this,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO, as quoted by MacRumors, Monday (1/9/2017).

Since then, Apple managed to reverse the condition of the smartphone industry that was once dominated by Nokia and BlackBerry, two companies that actually run over from the smartphone market today. iPhone presented by Steve Jobs as the answer to the smartphone “not too smart” and “not easy to use”, as well as changing the physical keyboard on smartphones with responsive multi-touch screen.


iPhones old and new (photo: macworld)

“This is so amazing, from the first generation up to the iPhone 7 Plus, this smartphone remains a high standard that is respected by other smartphones. For some of us, the iPhone has become an essential device in the life,” said Phillip Schiller, Senior VP of Marketing Apple.

In 2017, the iPhone is rumored to have set up the latest model that the screen has no edge a.k.a the bezel-less without the home button. In addition, the latest iPhone will also bring the latest features such as wireless charging, facial or iris recognition, and vertical double-lens camera for 3D photography.

With technology and innovation that is fairly cutting-edge, as expensive as any iPhone, it seems it is not able to stem the people to have it. Even up to this moment still be the smartphone that best, regardless of the assessment slant consider it less sophisticated for the present.

Happy birthday, iPhone!

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