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Super UHD TV LG With Nano Cell Technology Immediately Launched in Indonesia

Nano Cell technology

You are among those who still likes to watch TV and want a higher visual satisfaction? Probably the latest products from LG could be the answer. LG Electronics ensure soon enter the third generation LG Super UHD TV in Indonesia. Will be introduced in the second quarter, the Nano cell technology to be mainstay feature of the Ultra HD TV in addition to a variety of other excellent features.

Eko Adhi Suyitno, Head of Home Entertainment Product Marketing, PT. LG Electronics Indonesia said the Nano cell technology to be a representation of LG innovation on a media viewer that is constantly moving to meet the needs of the community.

He further stated that Nano cell technology which is embedded in the LG Super UHD TV’s brings three main advantages. Not only reproduce the image more realistic but also gives attention to the accuracy of the colors so as to create the nuances of the image appear better. This technology was able to retain all the advantages to be enjoyed in the corner watching wide.

The advantages of Nano cell technology not separated from the use of special particles in a uniform size with a diameter of about one nanometer lining panel TV. The use of this layer, one of which is useful to absorb the excess emission of light waves of color in the impressions.

This ability becomes important given the excess emission of light waves of color often make a TV not able to generate colors in accordance with the content of the result. For example, the green color on the TV with the previous technology can blend in with the waves of other colors, such as yellow or blue, causing the color looks faded or even has a glow that makes it appear yellowish.

With Nano Cell technology, LG Super UHD TV to have more precision both in the filter and set the color to then reproduce the program in accordance with the original content. Not only that, this technology is also able to reduce the luminous flux on the screen, even though under the lighting around the space very bright override TV screen.



“Precision in the reproduction of colors on the Nano Cell technology makes it not only able to produce the color is more dramatic, but also maintain the stability of the color in each image. No less important, users will enjoy the quality of impressions are the same though watching it from the different positions up to 60 degrees from the TV,” said Eko.

The seriousness of the LG in improving the quality of image reproduction on the LG Super UHD TV with Nano Cell technology is also shown through the partnership with Technicolor. As a company that is widely known in Hollywood for the expertise in the picture and who has a history of more than a hundred years, this partnership materialized in the presence of a Technicolor Expert Mode on the LG Super UHD TV this year.

Collaboration work between the Nano cell technology and the ability of the TV to keep color consistency according to the standard Technicolor has adopted the majority of studios in Hollywood, according to Eko will increasingly fulfill the advantages of LG Super UHD TV offers the enjoyment of watching the colorful more dramatic with minimal distortion.

The equip ability, LG Super UHD TV third generation that will be ready for circulation in the Indonesian market in the second quarter also made with support to handle a variety of formats HDR (High Dynamic Range) with Dolby Vision. In addition, the LG pinning HDR Effect that allows the user to enjoy the feel impressions such as the format of HDR even though the original source only in standard resolution.

LG will offer three types of Super UHD TV this year that is SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000. All three are said to be present in variants of span the start from 55-inch to 86-inch screen. More detailed information about the three and the price level is said to be given at the time of its launch later.

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