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Telkomsel CloudMAX Makes Consumers Easier in Sharing and Saving File in “Cloud”

Telkomsel CloudMAX

Telkomsel CloudMAX has been launched as a cloud-based storage service as its name suggests. This service enables customers backing up and restoring pictures, videos, and various types of other documents quickly, safely and accessible whenever and wherever they are via mobile application.

Telkomsel CloudMAX answers consumers’ needs of wishing sufficient memory. This roots from internet that makes it easier for people to frequently share media and documents through their smartphones and other devices, such as laptop and computer. Yet limited memory at the gadgets may hinder their satisfaction in sharing or accessing file.

Vice President Digital Lifestyle of Telkomsel Crispin Tristram said, “In the past few years, there have been more Telkomsel customers who have used cloud-based storage service. The growth of the cloud-based service users connected to the Telkomsel service was 35% in 2017.”

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In addition to backup and restore features, the Telkomsel CloudMAX feature provides other features that are beneficial for the users. “Family Cloud” feature can be used together with other Telkomsel customers at the same time; “Memory Cleaner” feature enables extra room at the device memory; “Offline Mode” feature makes it possible to access documents without internet connection; “Document Sharing” feature provides link to share documents; and “Facial Recognition” feature is for looking and viewing photos according to the face of the picture at the CloudMAX.

To subscribe this service, the customers can immediately download Telkomsel CloudMAX application at their smartphone from either Play Store or App Store. The customers then have to register the service by using Telkomsel number and network. After the registration, the new customers of the Telkomsel CloudMAX will get free trial with the capacity of 10 GB in the first three months.

This Telkomsel CloudMAX can be enjoyed by the users of KartuHalo, simPATI, Kartu As and LOOP. The service is available per memory package option; the one is 50 GB in capacity at Rp16,500 and 100 GB at Rp20,000 for 30 days of use.

“We hope the Telkomsel CloudMAX will fulfill the needs of our customers in a while and they can experience more qualified mobile digital lifestyle at very affordable price,” said Crispin.

Digital lifestyle refers to people way of living that depend much on internet. Various application at the palm of their hands via smartphone makes they can enjoy easy and quick way of life. Everything is almost all accessible and possible.

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