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Targeting Premium Segment in Indonesia, Tech21 Release the Protective Case of the iPhone 7


Although seemingly small change, but the business of mobile phone accessories never die. Along with the soaring sales of smartphones, more and more consumers also need to buy accessories. If during this time, brand accessories is dominated by local players and the Chinese (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), now the company from the Britain was tempted by the Indonesian market. As well as Tech21 which is the manufacturer of the case of the smartphone, based from London, UK.

Through Axindo as the main distributors, Tech21 launch product innovations to the Indonesian market through the debut of Impact Clear Case & Evo Check Case. Both are premium case that will protect the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus while making it look more stylish.

According to Yuyun Muljadi, Product & Marketing Manager PT Axindo Infotama, both premium case product has been rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility with the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

“This case not only protects your smartphone safely, but also ensures no loss in signal quality and no interference to Wi-Fi, cellular network, Bluetooth sync or features such as Apple Pay. Core functions such as camera, acoustic and sensors (such as Touch ID) will work perfectly, as good as not wearing casing and wear it,” said Yuyun.

He explained that the focus of the development of the Tech 21 over the years is to protect a smartphone in order to remain safe. The company is working tirelessly to improve, re-design and fine-tune each product to make sure the impact protection that does not harm the performance of the phone.

Tech21 Impact Clear Case

Tech21 Impact Clear offers 2m/6.6ft drop protection thanks to BulletShield, used in bulletproof glass, turning our fear of breaking phone into a carefree attitude that makes life much more fun. BulletShield is so efficient that didn’t need much to offer great protection, making Impact Clear so thin and lightweight.

The case features enhanced UV yellowing resistance and a durable, scratch resistant coating keeps phone and case, looking great for longer than ever. Easy off, easy on. So that we can give phone a quick clean or switch between cases without causing any damage. Impact Clear designed to be easy to install and remove.


Impact Clear sits securely in hand and gives comfortable, precise access to function buttons. Open access to Lightning connector makes charging easy. And not only is it designed to work perfectly with iPhone Lightning Dock, but it’s also designed to work perfectly with tech21 screen protectors (sold separately). With two colours option, go ahead and pick the one that suits our personal style.


Tech21 Evo Check Case

In addition to the Impact of the Clear Case, Tech21 offers a choice of premium Evo Check Case with optimal protection. This case is implement the FlexShock technology, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, and an all new 3-layer impact absorption system.

Evo Check now offers 3m/9.9ft drop protection. This turns fear of breaking phone into a carefree attitude that makes life that much more fun. FlexShock claimed so efficient that didn’t need much offer great protection, making Evo Check ultra-thin and lightweight. Evo Check is also designed easy detachable for cleaning your iPhone without the worry of any damage, or scratches.

This premium case will make iPhone 7 feel more secure and comfortable in the palm of our hand with access to precision for the button and function. Open access to the Lightning connector makes charging easy. Evo Check Case works perfectly with iPhone Lightning Dock and screen protector. Not only offer perfect protection, the case is also designed with stylish design. There are three color options that can be tailored to the user’s character is black, white, and pink.

Price and Availability

To be able to get Impact Clear Case & Evo Check Case in Indonesia, consumer can buy it at leading online stores Lazada and Blibli.com. Whereas to buy it in retail store premium, can visit to the network iBox, Infinite, and Urban Republic Store. Details of price are as follows:

Tech21 Impact Clear Case iPhone 7   : IDR449.000
Tech21 Impact Clear Case iPhone 7 Plus  : IDR479.000
Tech21 Evo Check Case iPhone 7       : IDR 449.000
Tech21 Evo Check Case iPhone 7 Plus    : IDR 479.000

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