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Successfully Orbiting, Telkom 3S Satellite Ready to Reduce the Gap of Access to Information in Indonesia


In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Elections of 2017 held simultaneously today, there is the monumental achievement in the telecommunications industry in Indonesia. Telkom 3S Satellite officially airs towards its orbit, escorting the Nusantara archipelago at the position of 118 degree East Longitude in the height of the 35.755 at the top of the Makassar Strait.

The launch of Telkom 3S satellite took place at the Guiana Space Center, Kourou, French Guiana. The thunder of the mighty or known as the sonic boom from the rocket Ariane 5, which moves solidly through the sky Guiana Space Center at 18.39 local time, marking the start of the trip the noble task Satelite Telkom 3S.

For your information, Telkom 3S satellite will complement the previous two satellites, Telkom still operates Telkom-1 and Telkom-2. The range of Telkom 3S satellite covering the entire territory of Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and partially East Asia.

This success at once considered to mark the 40 years is gait PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk in the business and operation of the telecommunications satellite for Indonesia. Alex J Sinaga, President Director of Telkom Indonesia who monitor the process of the launch in the Jupiter Control Room, Guiana Space Center on Tuesday (2/14) said the existence of the third satellite owned by Telkom is expected to reduce Indonesia’s dependence on foreign satellite so that the satellite needs will be supplied.

The benefits of Telkom 3S Satellite

With an investment of USD 215 million include the cost of manufacturing satellite services launch and insurance, Telkom 3S satellite has a capacity of 42 transponders or equivalent to 49 Transponder Equivalent (TPE), which consists of 24 C-Band transponders (24 TPE), 8 transponder extended C-Band (12 TPE), and 10 Ku-band transponders (13 TPE).

In addition to reducing dependence on foreign satellites, Telkom 3S Satellite are meant to reduce the gap of access to information in all regions of Indonesia, particularly in the 3 area (frontier, Outermost, and Remote).

Not only in terms of coverage, Telkom 3S also complement the ability of satellite services offered for customers in Indonesia. Because it is the first satellite owned by Telkom which is equipped with a Ku-band transponders. The satellite Telkom-1 has only C-band transponders, while the Telkom-2 bertransponder C-band and extended C-band. With Ku-Band transponders then, Telkom now has satellite services with high bit rate for a communication system that is quality.

“With the increase in capacity of satellite service, we hope to be able to play an active role in building a digital society in Indonesia to rural areas, in order to improve the nation’s economy,” said Alex.

Congrats, Telkom Indonesia!

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