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Expand Services in Saudi Arabia, Telkomsel Presents GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah

GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah

Communication becomes a vital thing wherever we are, including while performing Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage in saudi Arabia. To enrich communication services, Telkomsel, the largest mobile operator in Indonesia has just inaugurated the operation of GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A service consumer is located at the Hotel Al Saleheja Medina and the Al Rehab Jeddah is ready to serve the communication needs of customers from Indonesia when roaming to “holy land”.

President director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah said that the presence of GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah, is an effort to expand points of customer service in Saudi Arabia. “We hope the presence of two GraPARI is able to improve customer convenience in communicating, especially to serve customers from Indonesia who go to the Holy Land to perform hajj and umrah pilgrimage, and the Indonesian workers who live in Madinah and Jeddah.”

Like similar services in Indonesia, GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah provide a variety of communication solutions for customers, such as information and activation of products and services, the card upgrade to 4G, and replace the card is lost or damaged. GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah also presents a variety of digital services, recharge services, as well as the prime card of sympathy for free. During the hajj season, Telkomsel also held the Post of Hajj which is placed at the point of the crowd to serve customers.

Telkomsel Disclosed, each month total average of 120,000 customers of visit to saudi Arabia, the majority of to carry out the worship. The operation GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah enriching alternatives for the customer to obtain the solution of communication services in the Holy Land.

Previous customer service center from Telkomsel is also present in Mecca since the year 2015, with the number of visits reach 3,000 customers at the peak of the hajj season. Generally, customers visit to GraPARI in Mecca for acquiring information about the guide setting the service and purchase mobile phone voucher.

President director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah (middle) together with the board of directors, during a visit to GraPARI Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Launch Telkomsel Ibadah App

As the operation of GraPARI Madinah and Jeddah, company also presents Telkomsel Ibadah applications. This app is a complete guide and easy to assembly which provides a wide variety of needs surrounding the hajj and umrah.

The main features in the Telkomsel Ibadah app is an emergency button that connects direct the congregation to the call center of the embassy as well as the cell phone number of a companion of hajj or ‘ umrah, and the pilgrims. In addition, there is also the feature information of the assembly which includes personal information and schedule the activities of each congregation.

Other features that are useful, among others, service plan activation, international roaming, service reload, guide and tips for hajj and umrah, Islamic content, a collection of prayers, news and information, instructions for qibla direction, as well as travel recommendations.

“Telkomsel Ibadah is an application integrated the special we present to help the smooth running of the hajj and umrah in the Holy Land. The whole needs associated with the worship presented in this application which will surely add convenience for customers in the worship,” said Ririek.

To download the app Telkomsel Ibadah, customers who have Android smartphones can access in the Google Play Store. Next login using the ID and password provided by the travel agency hajj and umrah customers.


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