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Telkomsel Launched VoLTE Services in Indonesia

VoLTE Telkomsel

For four years, Smartfren the only player who serves voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) in Indonesia. Now there is one operator that supports telephone service through 4G LTE connections. Telkomsel’s VoLTE service was officially launched this week as well as being one of the company’s milestones now turning 25 years old.

Telkomsel President Director Setyanto Hantoro said the principle of products and services customer-centric becomes the basis for companies to bring Telkomsel VoLTE services for customers who want more ease in communicating.

“VoLTE is also a manifestation of our commitment to continue assisting the community is undergoing a digital lifestyle transformation through the development of a comprehensive and sustainable digital ecosystem as a corporate spirit in interpreting their 25th year of age,” said Setyanto in Jakarta (05/29).

He added, in this slightly different post-Eid moment, it is hoped that VoLTE services can provide more convenience and experience for customers to always be connected so that hospitality remains smooth when work must be carried out.

“We hope to make the VoLTE service a solution for customers to remain productive in concentrating their various activities at home in strengthening the initiative of the #DiRumahTerusMaju movement during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia,” Setyanto added.

Benefits of Telkomsel VoLTE Services

VoLTE Telkomsel is a telephone service based on the 4G LTE network, where customers can use the internet without interruption while making phone calls so that the connection continues to run smoothly and work can still be done.

At the stage soft launch, Telkomsel’s VoLTE service can be enjoyed by more than 114,000 customers in the Jadetabek area (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) and Surabaya. Next, it will gradually follow in other cities.

Setyanto added, there are three main benefits of Telkomsel’s VoLTE service for customers. First, customers will get a clearer voice calling experience in HD quality based on the leading 4G LTE network from Telkomsel.

Secondly, the VoLTE service also connects two users faster than using a regular telephone call service and voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Third, through VoLTE service customers can freely surf the internet access services, stream videos, play games, when connected to voice phones.

Telkomsel also strives to strengthen the various advantages offered by VoLTE services through the high-quality network infrastructure. To support this service, there are more than 10,000 Telkomsel VoLTE BTS throughout the Jadetabek and Surabaya regions that are able to provide high-quality network experience. So customers can experience the experience of using premium telephone services based on the 4G LTE network.

How to Activate Telkomsel VoLTE

How to activate the Telkomsel VoLTE service is very easy. To enjoy VoLTE services, customers only need to activate the VoLTE feature on phones that support this service.

Customers only need to make sure the SIM card supports the 4G Telkomsel network. Customers are in areas that get VoLTE coverage (currently Jadetabek and Surabaya areas).

After that, ensure that the device supports VoLTE service with the latest (updated) device operating system. For the stage soft launch, These smartphone device brands that support Telkomsel’s VoLTE network are Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and other brands.

After confirming all these steps, the next step is to set up VoLTE service in the device settings menu. Then the customer will see the VoLTE logo or sign on the status bar signal as a sign that the customer can enjoy Telkomsel’s VoLTE service.

VoLTE Talkmania Package

Telkomsel VoLTE Telkomsel Package

Basically, customers can still enjoy VoLTE services without a special package as long as the device, SIM card and area are supported. Because services like this rely on data consumption.

But to provide a more maximum experience, Telkomsel also presents a special package Takmania VoLTE. This package provides an additional quota of VoLTE telephone minutes on the monthly Talkmania package that can be activated by customers in Jakarta and Surabaya through the MyTelkomsel application.

In addition, Telkomsel will present a free VoLTE telephone promo on weekends that are available during the coming June.

The Indonesian version of this article can be read in Gizmologi.ID

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