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Website Attacked by Hackers and Viral in Social Media, Telkomsel Make Apologies Statement

Telkomsel's website hacked

Last Friday (4/28), the netizens in posting related to Telkomsel become viral and into a trending topic on Twitter. Apparently, they complain can not open the Telkomsel’s website due to hacked by hackers.

The netizens posted a screenshot of Telkomsel’s website that was attacked by hackers in the form of a deface action. Messages delivered quite a cliche and indeed a complaint many users of Telkomsel-related data packets are considered expensive. Here is the look of the Telkomsel’s website when got hacked.

Unfortunately, when we tried to open the Telkomsel’s website address at telkomsel.com, it looks empty and can not be accessed. But the impact of hacking the website to the Google search engine. When we type the word “telkomsel” in the search box, then the result is this:


Here are some Indonesian netizen comments on Twitter:


Due to the actions of hackers who attacked the Telkomsel website, the company immediately reacted quickly. Through Vice President Corporate Communications of Telkomsel, Adita Irawati, Telkomsel issued an official statement that the contents as follows:

We express our apologies for any inconvenience customers have received in accessing Telkomsel’s official website www.telkomsel.com. We are currently performing the necessary searches and improvements to enable our customers and the public to access the website immediately. For information products and services Telkomsel can also be obtained through other channels such as MyTelkomsel apps, Call Center, and GraPARI.

In April of this year, it seems that Telkomsel’s fate is not good. A week ago, on April 20, 2017, internet service users complained about the poor quality of Telkomsel’s internet access. It happened because of the interruption of Jakarta-Batam link due to fiber optic breaks between Rengat and Sorek in Riau Proponency. As well as disruption link Surabaya-Kalimantan-Batam due to disruption of devices in Batam are hit by lightning where both have an impact on the decline in quality of Telkom Group’s internet services.

Hopefully, after this incident, Telkomsel increasingly improve the quality of service and meet the demands of hackers who are mostly approved by netizens.

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