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The Creator of TikTok Will Make a Their Own New Smartphone


The year of 2019 became a surprise for ByteDance, the operator of the popular video application TikTok. This application has an insane growth this past few months. TikTok is reportedly building their own smartphone.

The owner of TikTok is now working on their new smartphone and starting to enter the hardware industries. According to two unnamed source in Financial Time report, TikTok reportedly confirms that ByteDance is working on their own smartphone that preloaded with ByteDance many apps.

The fact that their new smartphone comes with their own apps is not a surprise to many people. Furthermore, that became the main reason behind the company decided to make its own smartphone.

The Financial Times says that Byte dance CEO Zang Yiming has “long dreamt” of building their own smartphone full of their preloaded apps. The phone would come with ByteDance’s many apps which included the news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, the ubiquitous TikTok, Lark, Feilia, and unreleased music service, etc.

The Beijing- based Company confirmed a deal with phone maker Smartisan early this year to start building their phone, saying it had acquired a patent portfolio and hired some Smartisan employees. ByteDance claimed this would help their “explore the education program”, but this recent newscast the purchase in a new light.

The report doesn’t offer any details about the phone design and specs or release date, the company has declined to comment. Just how well the phone will be is up for debate, if the smartphone really launched to the world, there’s a chance this device will have a hard time compete with another brand in the international market, one of the factors is the trade war that happened between the United States and China. Huawei, the world’s second-biggest smartphone producer, recently became the victim in this war and blacklisted by the US the marked.

What do you guys think, can ByteDance new smartphone be successful in the international market? Or they will leave behind by another brand smartphone?

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