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Trend Micro: The Era of IoT is the Trigger to New Attacks in the Cyber World


As technology increasingly advanced nowadays, as well as with the cyber criminals minds. It has been claimed by Trend Micro, through its report entitled “The Next Tier – 8 Security Predictions for 2017”.

Based on its report, the company solution cyber security is predicting that 2017 will be the presence of the latest cyber attack which is more intense. The tactics of the perpetrators are also increasingly serious monetized crime by exploiting the loopholes that exist.

In this year, according to David Siah, Country Manager of Trend Micro Indonesia cyber security has entered the new territory based on the threat last year in which General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will push the attack more massive.

Trend Micro
David Siah, Country Manager Trend Micro Indonesia


“Management data that changes on a large scale in a company which is becoming the trend of today’s world will encourage a new attack method that is more challenging and makes the tactics of ransomware attack can impact many many devices at the same time,” he said in a press conference some time ago held in Jakarta.

Siah also revealed that the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a major role in inviting attack mode for profit. With the involvement of many mobile devices to monitor the function of control in the industry will make the attack mode more aggressively to the device and the technology.

As for attacks that may occur include Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Business Process Compromise (BPC) which is considered as a type of extortion of the most inexpensive but capable of generating at least US$ 140 thousand, or approximately Rp 1.8 billion. As for how that is used with the herding of employees are not aware of the bait trap to transfer an amount of money and can also directly do a hack to the system of financial transactions of the company.

Siah pointed out, in 2016 the happening cyber attack against the BEC platform on Bangladesh Bank, which interferes with the process of business running. This can happen because the perpetrators are utilizing employees who have less cyber security knowledge.

“With the incessant attacks ransomware last year, the attack patterns will use new tactics to get into the crevices where the implementation of IoT in the enterprise has involved many mobile devices are vulnerable,” he said.


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