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Xiaomi Mi 6 Ready to Fight in the Premium Smartphone with High-class Specifications

Xiaomi Mi 6

Located in the Beijing University Of Technology Gymnasium, Xiaomi today officially unveiled its new smartphone: the Xiaomi Mi 6. As a flagship smartphone, of course, Xiaomi Mi 6 studded its abundant features, including an update of the previous generation Mi 5 and Mi 5s.

Because most of the fans of Xiaomi are the specs minded, then it is not wrong if the phone is also armed with the badass specification. Inside the body, Xiaomi Mi 6 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 with GPU Adreno 540 which is the first debut in China. This phone uses 3.350 mAh battery that claimed to be energy efficient.

The use of the Snapdragon 835 platform influence performance significantly. From the Antutu benchmark that displayed during the press conference, Xiaomi Mi 6 occupying the highest position with a score of 184.292 beat the Samsung Galaxy S8 to position two and the Huawei P10 in the third position.

The phone is using the RAM size of 6GB, which is very roomy to run a variety of applications. The type of memory used that the quality is top-class, namely LPDDR 4x 64-bit Dual-channel memory. As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 wear 4GB RAM LPDDR4.

Next, go to design part, this is a flagship phone to be proud of Xiaomi with a screen of 5.15 inches which is relatively lean. Even Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi calls the Mi-6 as a masterpiece. The body made with the technique of 3D glass on 4 sides, while the edges are made with stainless steel material which makes Mi 6 looks very luxury. Not only that, Mi-6 also designed so that it is comfortable in the hand and resistant to water splashes. Remember, just splash resistant, not water resistant. So it is not advisable to bring the phone to swim.

The design indeed looks luxurious, although Xiaomi still maintains the design of the screen and the bezel on Mi 5S. No screen is almost frameless as LG G6 or the Galaxy S8. This shook off some of the rumors that circulated earlier that predict Mi 6 will be present with design without the bezel. The front view of the conventional with the presence of the home button.

Related to the port design, the iPhone 7 be a mecca of Mi 6 because the Xiaomi removes the 3.5 mm audio port. To listen to music with the headset, means You have to wear that had a Bluetooth connection or a cable that is compatible with USB-C. Because of only the USB-C port available. Become a hassle if You are charging the battery but want to listen to music from a wired headset. Will have to give up one.

For those who are fond of shooting, don’t worry because the Xiaomi Mi 6 follow the “present” trend to equip 12 MP dual lens camera 12 MP accompanied with optical zoom 2x. On the dual cameras, the first lens has a resolution of 12 MP with the type of wide-angle lens, while the second camera 12 MP type telephoto. In addition, the camera Mi 6 has 4-axis OIS which makes the taking of photos or video be more stable.

Whether Gizmolovers anyone is interested? In China mainland, the Xiaomi Mi 6 priced at RMB 2499 for the type of 6GB + 64GB. As for the type that wears 6GB RAM + 128 GB for sale RMB 2899. The highest type for RMB 2999 with 6GB RAM and ROM 128GB and special color ceramic. Unfortunately, there is no information when this smartphone will be present in the Indonesian market. Hopefully in the near future.


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