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XL Axiata 4G LTE Network Reaches Nearly All Capital City of District/City in West Java


XL Axiata continues to expand its 4G LTE services in various regions, especially in Java. In West Java province, the operator inaugurated 4G LTE fast internet service in Tasikmalaya (city and district), Ciamis, Garut, Sumedang, and Banjar.

With the latest inauguration, then starting June 2017, XL 4G LTE service is claimed to have entered into almost all districts/cities in the province of West Java. At least all regency/city capitals have been served with fast 4G LTE service. The inauguration of 4G LTE service in the six districts was held in Tasikmalaya on Wednesday (7/6), attended by GM Sales XL West Java R. Tommy Candra Dirgantara, GM LTE Execution Assurance Ron Hugo Verry Leonard Tambunan and Vice President Central Region XL Axiata, Rd. Sofia Purbayanti

XL Axiata Director / Chief Service Management Officer Yessie D Yosetya said XL Axiata had 31.2 million smartphone subscribers by the end of the first quarter of 2017, up 52% from the same period last year. The growth of smartphone subscribers is very meaningful because the average consumption of smartphone user data also increased significantly, more than double the previous year.

According to Yessie, this can not be separated from the increased awareness of XL Axiata smartphone customers to use the 4G-LTE network, where the level of consumer consumption 4G-LTE now reaches more than 1.5x from the average consumption of smartphones.

For the region of West Java, during the last 1 year recorded the growth of access to digital data services to about 55%. As for the number of XL Axiata subscribers in the province who have been using smartphones has increased up to 168%.

The increase occurred in all districts/cities in West Java. Therefore, Gradually, in line with the continuous increase in demand for quality customer service access in all service areas, XL Axiata will continue to increase the reach in every district / sub-district level so that residents in the suburbs even in the countryside will be able to enjoy 4G LTE.

Currently, total in West Java has been operating more than 2000 BTS 4G LTE. As for Tasikmalaya area, Ciamis, Garut, Sumedang, and Banjar 4G LTE service in the early stages reinforced with more than 300 BTS 4G which will continue to be improved.

XL 4G LTE connection facility will be able to increase the productivity of society, both for business economic interests, as well as social goals, as well as entertainment. For local governments, fast 4G LTE Internet connection will also be able to support the implementation and development of e-government and the improvement of public services.

Nationally, XL Axiata will continue to invest in transmission, backhaul, network modernization and network upgrades to support increased data traffic and maintain service stability, increase network capacity and improve data service quality.

XL Axiata’s 4G LTE network development plan is carried out in cities with business potential and has a 4G ecosystem service readiness. Currently, XL Axiata has provided 4G LTE service to customers in 245 cities/districts in various parts of Indonesia. The total number of XL Axiata customers using 4G more than 15 million. By the end of 2017 XL Axiata targets to reach 330 cities/districts with 4G LTE service supported by a total of more than 17 thousand 4G BTS.


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