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XL Axiata will push setting up data network again this year

XL Axiata

PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) will build data network in a large scale this year, especially for outside Java island, thanks to increased data connection that influences rising data traffic continuously.

Data network establishment will still take place in Java, particularly to increase service quality, while prioritized setting up will occur outside Java to resume 4G LTE network expansion that has been ongoing since last year. This year, XL Axiata will add new BTS in similar number as that of 2017, including expanding 4G LTE service scope. Throughout 2017, 3G/4G LTE XL data service range stands at about 93%, while 4G reach is 85% of the overall population. To develop network and latest IT & network technology applications, XL Axiata will allocate 90% of its capital expenditure 2018 or about Rp7 trillion.

During last year, XL Axiata records strong performance with data service income becomes its main contributor. The amount of customers that are able to access data keeps increasing thus boasting data service traffic up to twofold or up 14% year-on-year.

Last year’s achievement is due to continued network expansion to regions that record strong demand that later pushes high growth in income and traffic from out of Java.

XL Axiata President Director Dian Siswarini says, “The achievement of XL Axiata throughout 2017 clearly gives a signal that it is time for us to step forward which is maximizing data network capability to increase service quality as well as broaden network range to outside Java. This is a perfect momentum for us to declare #JadiLebihBaik commitment so as customers and other stakeholders get more satisfaction.”

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From last year’s developments, the company’s 4G LTE network has reached 360 cities/regencies in various regions in Indonesia supported by more than 17 thousands BTS of 4G and almost 46 thousands of BTS 3G. In the data network setting up, regions outside Java get big attentions. From the total of BTS built across 2017, 60% of which are out of Java. The data network establishment outside Java is fruitful to have improved data quality and service network area expansion.

From the total of 53.5 million XL Axiata consumers per the end of 2017, 72% of them or 38.3 million customers have used smartphone. This number is up 32% from the performance of 2016. On the other hand, the number of consumers who have been actively using data service has reached 73% thanks to improved data service network and data network construction in various regions.

The achievement is in line with the parameter in Net Promoter Score that sees increased positive perception from customers toward data service, especially for network reach and signal power. XL Axiata wishes data network establishment in 2018 will be able to improve customers’ satisfaction as they need bigger capacity to save or share videos.




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