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Keep Customer Loyalty, XL Holds XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS Quiz


The customer is a company asset. This was confirmed by the President Director / CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini during a press conference XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS in Epicentrum number, Jakarta (5/31). Dian said as the largest asset, customers have contributed directly to the growth and development of the company.

“Therefore, we always strive to attend to meet the needs of customers for quality telecommunications services.Not to forget, as a form of appreciation, again we dedicate a special loyalty program for all loyal customers XL and AXIS with a very interesting gift, namely XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS, “Said Dian.

According to him, the customer’s response to this program is very encouraging. This can be seen from the high interest of customers in joining this program. Therefore, XL Axiata is considering organizing other loyalty programs.

Meanwhile, Chief Commerce Officer of XL Axiata, Allan Bonke added that XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS Program is a competition program and SMS-based subscription service with hundreds of millions of rupiah prize that aims to increase customer loyalty and strengthen the ties between XL and customers. Through the theme of “Let’s play 4 free, pursue your dreams become a millionaire”, customers get a chance to win many exciting prizes.

XL Axiata has held loyalty program “XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS” for 90 days starting from February 6, 2017 – May 6, 2017. Program with the total prize up to hundreds of millions of rupiah has been successful to get the winner. The main prize of money worth Rp 500 million was achieved by customers from Surabaya, East Java.

For the prize, in the first-period prize program available is a daily prize of 90 units of Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone, the weekly gift of 24 units of Yamaha All New Soul GT 125 motorcycles, and prize money of Rp 50 million and Rp 500 million.

Seeing the great interest of customers to follow this XTRAVAGANZA & FANTAXIS Program, XL Axiata has also held a second-period program. This is to provide an opportunity for XL and AXIS customers to join the program and win prizes. The second period of this program begins May 7, 2017 and will end on August 4, 2017 with a prize that is also very interesting.

In this second period program, for the preliminary round is available weekly prize of 5 grams of precious metal for 90 winners each 1 unit, the main prize cash of Rp 60 million (1 winner) and 100 grams of precious metal (1 winner). Then in the exclusive round, there is a weekly prize of 20 grams of precious metals for each of the 13 winners, prize money of Rp 300 million (1 winner) and 500 grams of precious metal (1 winner).

Customers can join this program by enrolling through UMB * 123 * 444 #, then answering quiz questions provided. To gain a greater chance of prizes, participants can purchase Family Minute Packages, Call 50 Minutes to fellow XL and to fellow AXIS all day.


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