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New Data Package from XL Axiata Gives Free Access to YouTube & Genflix Video Streaming


After stopping the Combo Xtra data package which is quite popular in the consumer in Indonesia, XL Axiata replaces it with a new package which is accompanied by special offers. The company is cooperating exclusively with Google Indonesia and Genflix to provide special offers in the form of free data access to YouTube and Genflix. Consumers can get such offers by buying a Xtra Combo package applicable since 17 March 2017.

Xtra Combo package can be obtained through a variety of sales channels at XL Axiata, such as UMB *123#, the application myXL, XL Center and the shops XL other. In this new package, the consumer still gets a bonus quota of 4G LTE, but not as big as previous one.

For example, in a Combo Xtra M packaged which price IDR 59000, users get a main quota of 2GB with a bonus quota of 10 GB at 4G LTE network and the free phone call up to 50 minutes to all operators. While the new Xtra Combo package with the same price (IDR 59000), the consumer got the main quota of 2GB and a bonus 4GB in 4G LTE network, 20 minutes to all operators, and a bonus quota of 2GB to access YouTube that can be used for 24 hours. As for the YouTube access without quotas only 01:00-06:00 hours (which mean terms and conditions apply).

Chief Prepaid Officer of XL Axiata, David Arcelus Oses said it in collaboration with Google Indonesia and Genflix to enhance the benefits of access to data services, especially for online streaming. “Cooperation with both OTT (over the top) at the same time placing XL Axiata as the first operator who dares to give service without quota in YouTube and free access to watch English Premier League on Genflix,” David said.


David added, with XL Axiata service, the Indonesian community can meet the needs of lifestyle and the more freely access the video content, all of it can be obtained in one package.

Meanwhile, the Chief Marketing Officer of Google Indonesia, Veronica Utami said that every day the world community watched billions of hours of various video content on YouTube. Current users through mobile devices grew 155% annually. Working with XL, she is hoping connoisseurs of YouTube content in Indonesia will get a better viewing experience through the XL 4G LTE network, no matter at home or on the go.

The same thing is said by the CEO of Genflix, Greeny Dewayanti who claim to be happy in collaboration with XL Axiata so that customers can enjoy the live broadcast of English premier League, Spanish League, and the Champions League can be enjoyed through a variety of medium, both TV and smartphones and tablets. In addition to the Internet, customers can also enjoy the Hollywood films the latest, Animax (Japanese animation), and the latest Indonesian film.

For your information, fast internet access and services from XL Axiata is currently getting the support of adequate infrastructure, in the form of the 4G LTE network with over 8,200 BTS 4G. As much as almost 100 cities in various provinces, including in the outer islands, which have been underserved by XL 4G LTE network, and will continue to grow this year. 4G LTE network belongs to the XL Axiata also has a large capacity, which is 15 MHz, which will be very flexible to support internet service with connection speed and stability. Meanwhile, on the 3G network, XL Axiata also continue to expand the range of services, in which the current has reached more than 350 cities in Indonesia.


Price table of Xtra Combo Package from XL Axiata

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