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ZTE Offer Pre 5G Technology to Mobile Operators in Indonesia

Pre 5G

Although LTE 4G services are still not finished by operators in Indonesia, a number of network company have started preparing to introduce next-gen advanced technology. One of them is telecoms giant from China ZTE, which introduces Pre 5G Massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple outputs) technologies. This is a technology that can bridge the current 4G network to be upgraded to a 5G network.

The introduction of Pre-5G Massive MIMO is part of a series ZTE Leading 5G Innovations Tour 2017 to some countries such as Malaysia, Australia, and Japan. The goal is to introduce a range of the latest telecommunications technology in the field of 5G, TDD & FDD Massive MIMO, Network 2020, and a Big Video. In Jakarta this week can be watched telecommunication products ZTE latest which was previously held at the event Mobile World Congress 2017 and then in Barcelona.

“We expect cellular operators in Indonesia can wear the new technology that we offer,” said Francis Zhu, Director of Strategic Marketing ZTE. According to him, current Pre 5G technology has been widely known and has been used by many telecom operators in the world.

He explained that in 2016, ZTE has cooperated with China Mobile in the use of pre-being commercially Pre-5G Massive MIMO in 90% of provinces in China. Whereas in the month of September 2016, Pre-5G Massive MIMO has been operated commercially by telecom operator Japanese Softbank. This at once into the implementation of Massive MIMO system first in the world to run on a commercial basis.

“Pre 5G solutions is designed to be upgraded with easy to 5G in the future. Pre 5G technology by ZTE has been implemented in more than 40 networks in 30 countries around the world,” said Francis.

In addition to Pre5G Massive MIMO technology, ZTE also show-off new IoT solutions based on the Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT), as well as demonstrating Smart Parking, Metering, Lighting and Water Pollution Control. ZTE claims to have been a pioneer of innovation in the field of network virtualization technology and cloud network architecture that helps the operator improve their network infrastructure, functions, and operations of the network operator.


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