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3 Samsung Electronics Products for Smart Home


Creating an atmosphere in a funhouse can be in various ways. The presence of a variety of high-tech products makes it easier to create a home atmosphere. As with the presence of these three Samsung electronic products.

In marketing its electronic products for home users, Samsung has a recipe: a clean house, a nice layout, and a well-deserved old dish. These three things are embodied in Samsung electronic products. What are they? Here is more information.

1 Clean the House with Power Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the House with Power Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The activities of sweeping the floor and cleaning the dust lightly, especially if you have a household assistant. But if not, this activity actually takes extra energy and also diligence. Rather than relying on household assistants who are now easy to get, Samsung provides Power Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

This electronic cleaning tool is equipped with an Extreme Suction Power feature that provides three times more power suck than a conventional vacuum cleaner. Dirt, dust and even hair strands easily lifted. Not only that, its Easy Handling design allows agile movement. Just need a little encouragement, the device was maneuvering freely. Reinforced, Swivel Brush with 180-degree direction for ease of Samsung Power Stick reaches the corner of the room, crevice, even under sofa or bed.

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