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5 Reason of Switching from Wired Earphones to TWS Devices

Here are 5 Advantages of Switching from Wired Earphones to TWS Devices

One type of entertainment that is easily accessible and widely used by people in everyday life is listening to music. Not only entertaining, but music can also be a way to calm yourself down or increase your focus at work, you know. With different devices, from speakers, wired earphones to TWS.

Although the availability of true wireless stereo (TWS) devices has started to increase with various prices, it seems that until now there are still many people who prefer to use wired earphones. Personal preference aside, maybe you’ve never tried TWS earphones before. Alias ​​has not felt the benefits or advantages that can be offered through wireless devices.

Initially, I did not feel the need to use TWS. But indeed, the key is to try it first. There have been many, accessories vendors to smartphone vendors who released cheap TWS. OPPO is one of them, which recently released two series in their OPPO Enco line.

Well, for Gizmo friends who are still using wired earphones and have never tried it or are thinking about buying TWS, here are five advantages that you will get after making that decision.

Practical Cordless

OPPO Enco Air

Need to listen to music but feel lazy because the earphone cable is tangled? Or do you want to receive a call so you have to delay because the wired earphones get stuck with other objects stored in the bag? Problems like this will disappear when you use TWS earphones.

The current TWS design is now compact and lightweight, both the earbuds and the case or storage box. Got a sudden call? Just unscrew the case, grab the earbuds, put them in your ear and the device will automatically connect. No need to do the pairing process every time you want to use it.

Keeping the earbuds in the case is also separate protection. In contrast to wired earphones, there is a risk of damage due to the cable being broken or bent in an extreme way for a long duration of use.

High Compatibility

OPPO Enco Buds

Yes, now we are in an era where not all smartphones are equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. It’s not just the flagship series, you know, but even mid-range smartphones with thin bodies don’t provide a connection to wired earphones.

Not completely, really. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and vivo V21 5G, for example, include a dongle from USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack in the sales package. Of course, this kind of setup has its drawbacks; the risk of the dongle being lost, and not being able to charge the smartphone while listening to music.

That way, TWS earphones are now a more flexible option for listening to music, taking advantage of the Bluetooth connection that all smartphones have. want to use a flagship smartphone or entry class, everything is compatible.

Voice Call Quality

OPPO Enco Buds

Distant, indistinct or wind noises are very common when making calls using wired earphones. The reasons themselves vary. It could be because the microphone is too far away, the shirt collar is blocked, or you are using the left earphone while the microphone is on the right (or vice versa).

Unlike wired earphones, TWS devices are equipped with a microphone on each earbud. In fact, not a few of them have more than one microphone per earbud, which serves to ward off noise or the noise behind the crowd, so that the user’s voice is heard more clearly.

That way, TWS users are free to make calls using only the left earbud, only the right earbud, or both. The design that has been designed in such a way will help the voice of the call still be heard clearly, no need to think about the position of the microphone on the cable.

Suitable for Gaming

OPPO Enco Air

When using wired earphones that have a standard design, the end of the cable that plugs into the smartphone body can reduce the experience or gaming experience. When holding the smartphone in landscape position, one of the two hands cannot hold the smartphone comfortably, aka the cable is blocked.

Because it has a completely wireless design, of course, TWS users will be free to hold their smartphones while playing. Afraid of delay, aka latency or sound lag from smartphone to earbuds? Don’t worry, because many TWS have low latency, or are equipped with special gaming modes.

Abundant Customization

OPPO Enco Air

The last benefit that users will be able to feel after switching from wired earphones to TWS, is the flexibility of accessing certain shortcuts. On wired earphones, generally, the shortcut is just a button around the microphone, to play/pause and pick up calls only.

But with earbuds that have a touch sensor on the surface, you can access various shortcuts just by tapping them a few times. In addition to play/pause, you can also pick up calls, change songs to call voice assistants.

In addition to the default settings, generally, these shortcuts can be further customized through an application. OPPO TWS devices, for example, use the HeyMelody app. Or directly from the Bluetooth menu of a compatible OPPO smartphone.

How about Gizmo friends, are you interested in the various benefits that can be offered through the TWS earphones above? Make sure you choose the right TWS earphones, with quality that can not only provide good audio output. But also low latency, efficient battery, and excellent microphone quality.

wired earphones vs OPPO Enco Air - Enco Buds

OPPO Enco Buds and OPPO Enco Air can be the best and affordable choices right now, as the latest wearable audio accessories released by OPPO Indonesia. both have a battery that lasts all day, a noise-canceling microphone, and the audio quality is pretty good in its class.

The OPPO Enco Air is priced at IDR 999 thousand, while the OPPO Enco Buds are more affordable at IDR 599 thousand. Both come with different earbud designs, to meet consumer tastes and needs. Just choose which one is more suitable for Gizmo friends.

The Indonesian version of this article can be read in Gizmologi.ID


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