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Realme C11 review: Big Battery, Wide Screen of New Entry Level Smartphone


A long jump. That’s what I felt when I tried the latest entry level smartphone of realme C11. Far, if compared to the realme C2 both in terms of the specifications and digits of the naming. It is also far compared to the X3 SuperZoom that I just reviewed a while ago.

His name too smartphone affordable, so it’s only natural that the C series reality has been used by more than 13 million people worldwide. It also underlies the realm of Indonesia to be present the realme C11, successor with trendsetting technology and trendsetting design.

Bringing a completely new design, here’s my full review of the realme C11. The smartphone will be a popular choice for the segment entry level in 2020.

The design

The body behind the reality of C11

This is the part where I’m most excited about explaining it. Finally, after awaited, the reality brings a truly design fresh and different from the previous series. Yes, the realme C11 has a new rear body design called “Geometric Design”. The surface is textured like the realme C2, but the camera design is very different.

The composition of the camera is still parallel, but the design the framethe box is now made, with the words “AI Camera” next to it. The design of the realme C11camera looks like flagship smartphone who have much more expensive prices. In addition, under the camera, there are slightly different color accents, extending to the lowest body.

Reality logo on the back body of the C11 reality

Below, you will find a logo that also has a textured reality. Size font It’s big enough, but because the color isn’t made white, it’s not too flashy. Initially I hoped to review Mint Green color variants. But over time, this Pepper Gray colored unit is cool enough to see.

For completeness of the button and the port, there is a button power and volume on the right side of the body smartphone. On the left you can find the card slot non-hybrid (triple slot). While audio jack 3.5mm, microphone, micro-USB port and mono speakers are aligned at the bottom.

Overall, the design succeeded in getting me to want to carry smartphone this all the time. Even when there are people who see, they are surprised if smartphone this is in class entry level, replacing the reality of C2. Finishing doff, not slippery, not easy to get dirty anyway. Overall, this new realme C11 design can be a very high selling point.


C11 realm screen

The realme C11 screen has a dimension of 6.5 inches, up from 6.1 inches in the realme C2. The panel used is still the same, IPS LCD with a ratio of 20: 9, and has a body to screen ratio of 80.7%. Size mini-drop notchit’s also relatively small, with width bezel bottom which is still very reasonable.

With similar body dimensions and the same screen size, more or less holding the C11 realm feels the same as the realme C2. Even though it is cheaper, smartphone it has a good screen quality with HD + resolution. Saturation and contrast are arguably good, even better than competitors in its class. The white balance is also sufficient, with additional settings that can be accessed via the Settings menu.

C11 realm mini-drop notch

Watching media such as tv series or movies on the big screen realme C1 realm is quite comfortable. It’s just that, this smartphone is not equipped with Widevine L1 certification, so if you watch streaming content on Netflix, it still can’t reach HD quality. In addition, the auto-brightness feature works quite well.
A little note, no information was found regarding additional protections such as the use of Gorilla Glass in the C11 realm. So it’s good to keep using the screen protection that is already installed so that it is not scratched.


C11 realm camera

In the specifications on paper, nothing is different from the realme C11 camera when compared with the previous generation. Both have a 13MP f / 2.2 main lens that already supports PDAF, plus an additional 2MP f / 2.4 lens as depth sensor. Other features are also present such as HDR and Chroma Boost to increase photo saturation.

reality also presents fashion expert for advanced configurations for professionals, with support shutter speed from 1/8000 to 16 seconds and ISO 100 – 6400. Well, not only that, the realme C11 even brings the features of the flagship which the C2 series doesn’t even have. This feature is Nightscape mode.

As the name implies, this feature is very useful when in low light conditions. This is the first time a similar feature is present in the C series, even smartphone another class. The process of taking photos takes about four seconds, so make sure the object must remain silent. The result is arguably quite satisfying, even though there are conditions where the photo actually gets too bright and actually adds noise.

The photos without using Nightscape mode.
Use Nightscape mode.

Because of the entry class, initially I didn’t expect much from the results of the realme C11 photo. But after trying to take photos all day from morning to night, the main camera is enough capable to capture everyday moments. Is depth sensor make separations between objects with background quite smooth and accurate.

In some photos at night, I chose the results without Nightscape because it was bright enough and showed the actual lighting conditions. When taking photos facing direct sunlight, the HDR mode automatically neutralizes exposure photo, so that no part is too dark or bright, almost everything is balanced. For the full photo you can access it on this following album.

Using HDR mode, directly against daylight.
Outdoor, abundant light.
Indoor, light enough.
Use portrait mode.
In the afternoon, enough light.
Using the front camera, enough light.

As for video recording, there is nothing special. Can record up to a maximum resolution of 1080p 30fps, the realme C11 is not yet equipped with EIS. So make sure the hand is stable enough when recording using smartphone this.


This smartphone runs with the realme UI based on Android 10 and ColorOS 7, it looks by default looks quite neat and simple. But when explored further, the user can change the theme to the shape of the icon as desired. Dark mode also of course present, with the ability to change third-party applications such as Gojek and Grab to darken the appearance.

Another feature that makes it easy enough is double-tap to turn on the screen plus lock the screen. Want to take screenshot? Simply by sliding down using three fingers. Want to run split screen (display two applications at once)? Swipe up with three fingers. And many other features that can be personalized.

For information, this smartphone is not equipped with a fingerprint sensor. So there are only two screen unlock options; use a password / PIN conventionally, or through the face unlock feature. This feature runs optimally, takes 1-3 seconds, depending on the lighting conditions. Practical enough to be an alternative to the absence of a fingerprint sensor.


Maybe the name of the chipset still sounds quite strange at this time. Indeed, the chipset used in the realme C11 is quite new, where this smartphone became one of the first to use it. MediaTek Helio G35 has a 64-bit octa-core CPU architecture, using the Cortex A53 structure with a speed of 2.3GHz. The production process is 12nm, so it is power efficient.

This processor is quite ideal for users smartphone and gamers a beginner. Used to play Mobile Legends is still convenient, while for PUBG: Mobile, the default graphics are smooth – medium. When used to play, feels lag a little here and there, especially when there are lots of 3D elements or driving. But it’s still very enjoyable.

PUBG Mobile reality C11

Our unit can have RAM memory and 2GB + 32GB internal storage, but the realme C11 also comes in 3GB RAM options with the same storage. Notifications from various applications are still running smoothly, it’s just that switching applications more often requires a process reload. If it’s a hobby multitasking, it is strongly recommended to buy a 3GB + 32GB memory variant.

If 32GB of memory is lacking, you can add a microSD card up to 256GB capacity. With configuration triple slot, the reality C11 can hold two cards nano SIM plus microSD as well.


In accordance with the slogan, “Battery Rock, Exciting Without Limits”, I find it difficult to use up the power of this C11 reality. How long does its 5,000 mAh battery last? Free charger in 100% condition at 8 am, at 11 am there is only 5% left … two days later. Yes, with the use of my style, the realme C11 can last for up to 50 hours.

It is already with various applications that require notifications, as well as being always connected to the Watch realm. Several times took photos plus made mobile hotspot. If used lighter or not as intensive as me, the battery can last much longer, of course. Supports OTG reverse charging, you can charge other devices using the realme C11 as you would power bank.

Charging the battery takes about 3 hours, use it charger 10 watts from the purchase package. Very reasonable, and in my opinion not a problem because the battery is also very durable. It’s just, I hope that the port used by USB-C, so no need to carry many types of cables when traveling.


Complete reality C11

It seems like I can understand the reason for the realm of giving a big jump in naming smartphone this newest. the realme C11 did bring a lot of improvements, ranging from performance, battery life, a larger screen to a truly design fresh. Updated to better suit current trends. After using it for two weeks, I was quite satisfied with the realme C11, the newest Entry Level King of realme.

Aside from the camera design, other features are usually only found on flagship smartphone is the presence of Nightscape mode on the camera. Give more people the opportunity to produce the best photos in all conditions. At the price of Rp1, 5 million, the C11 realm is certainly worthy of choice smartphone best in its class.

realm C11 aps

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