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Indonesia, with over 250 million population, is a huge market and potential for the developed countries who want to do investment here. This country also has spawned a myriad of talents excel with the proliferation of tech startups and large companies. Along with the improved data access and the prevalence of network infrastructure, a variety of new opportunities emerging in the digital era.

This is where the Gizmologi wants to take part in the effort to advance the local industry in accordance with our role as content creators who continue to deliver useful information. Not only in the scope of Indonesia but can reach a wider audience to foreign countries.

For this reason, we present in the two languages (Indonesia & English). That could raise the potential of the technology and industry trends in Indonesia and to various countries around the world.

Born on March 15th, 2017, this media was founded by two tech journalists with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Gizmologi.ID presented to enrich the repertoire of media technology in Indonesia, provide new alternatives for the netizen in the get the latest information.

While Gizmologi.com is dedicated to all the overseas audiences who want to know more about the tech ecosystem and the digital lifestyle in Indonesia, be it industry players, investors, observers, and so on. Also to the expatriates in this country that has constraints in the Indonesian language.

Gizmologi is a media startup that focuses on technology and gadgets for consumers. This website not only provides the latest information about gadgets and technology, but also insight for its readers.

Gizmologi comes with a comprehensive article, while maintaining the quality and accuracy of data. With the aim after reading, visitors get information that is useful and easy to understand.

This site is present in two languages, where the Indonesian language with the domain gizmologi.id which is the main website, while the English version can be accessed through gizmologi.com.

Our readers are mostly male (65.3%) and dominated by young people, especially Gen Z aged 18-24 (47,42%) and millennials aged 25-34 (33,38%). In addition, Gizmologi is the mobile-first media where 90% is accessed from mobile devices.

According to audience lifestyle and preference, their interest are mostly technology / mobile enthusiast, value shoppers and news junkies




Chief Editor           : Bambang Dwi Atmoko
Senior Editor         : Siti Sarifah A
Editor /Tech reviewer : Prasetyo Herfianto
Games Specialist : Ronggo Dimas
News Editor           : Aditya Fajar Indrawan
Video Editor          : Faqih

Chief Marketing   : Chandra Wirawan

Redaksi Gizmologi,
PT Konten Cipta Kreatif d.a. Jalan Grafika No 33 A (Pasar Jumat Belakang MRT Lebak Bulus), Jakarta Selatan

editor (at) gizmologi (dot) com / (+62) 817 017 0211

marketing (at) gizmologi (dot) com / +62 818-727-233



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