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DJI Avata, 48MP FPV Drone now available in Idonesia

DJI Avata, 48MP FPV Drone now available in Idonesia

Jakarta, Gizmology – As a vendor that is better known for camera devices such as action cameras and drones, DJI always presents new options for content creators who are currently increasingly diverse. The newest device, the DJI Avata, comes as a first-person view drone, aka FPV, which can be controlled with a special goggle.

FPV drone options in the market itself are not as many as conventional drones, which incidentally are cheaper and easier to control. However, drone types such as the DJI Avata can provide a more immersive effect, as if the drone controller can see or experience the flying process directly from the device camera.

Interestingly, consumers in Indonesia do not have to wait long for the presence of this latest DJI drone. Erajaya Active Lifestyle as the official distributor of DJI devices, has directly opened pre-orders for the DJI Avata since August 25, 2022. It comes in two different packages and can be obtained both online and offline through the DJI Official Store.

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Djohan Sutanto, CEO of Erajaya Active Lifestyle, said that his party welcomes the presence of this new drone. “FPV drones provide a more immersive experience than flying a regular drone.” He believes that consumers will be more attracted to the DJI Avata thanks to its more attractive and more powerful features, for more dramatic and spectacular content.

Have Dual Stabilization & Turtle Mode

DJI Avata

By design, the DJI Avata appears in dark colors, featuring four equal-sized propellers paired with propeller guards. It weighs 410 grams, and this latest FPV drone is powered by a 2,420 mAh battery. Claimed to be sufficient for flights up to 18 minutes in duration.

On the front, there is a camera with a large enough CMOS sensor reaching 1/1.7 inches. The sensor has a 155-degree wide-angle lens, can take photos in a maximum resolution of 48MP, and video recording is a maximum of 4K 60fps. There’s also a 2.7K option at 50/60/100/120fps. The control options themselves vary.

DJI Avata

With its high performance, the DJI Avata can be operated like a traditional drone, flying fast or in and out of narrow areas. There are three main operating modes; normal with an active ambient detection sensor, manual for full control, or a sport that can move dynamically while still activating the existing security sensors on the device. Such as Infrared Sensing System & Downward Vision System.

There’s dual DJI RockSteady & HorizonSteady stabilization for the best quality. In addition to supporting a microSD card slot, the DJI Avata also has 20GB of internal storage. One of the newest unique features, Turtle Mode, can turn the drone over automatically when it lands upside down, then it can be used again to fly.

DJI Avata Price in Indonesia

DJI Avata

Through a pre-order system that is open until September 8, the price of the DJI Avata starts at IDR 17.1 million for the Fly Smart Combo package, consisting of DJI Avata devices, DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI Motion Controller. It can be found at the DJI Experience Store or official stores in e-commerce such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, Bukalapak, Akulaku, Lazada, and JD.ID.

The DJI Avata is also offered in the Pro-View Combo package for IDR 20.7 million. Included with DJI Googles 2, designed to be smaller and lighter to use. The headset has a micro OLED screen and can display 1080p 100fps video with a delay of only 30 milliseconds. It can operate up to a distance of 10 kilometers.

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