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Two Sophisticated Features Equip Huawei Nova 2i Smartphone

Huawei Nova 2i

Two sophisticated features have equipped software of leading smartphone Huawei Nova 2i as of last week. Features ‘Face Unlock’ and ‘AR Lens’ have been added to answer consumers’ needs who wish advanced experiences using the four-camera device.

‘Face ID’ or ‘Face Unlock’ feature at Huawei Nova 2i makes consumers having choices to open their smartphone monitors. Through this feature, the front cameras of the Huawei Nova 2i are able to detect the face of the user. The function of this feature is unlocking the smartphone quickly. Given the complex face recognition software, the smartphone is able to know face within milliseconds only.

‘Face Unlock’ at the Huawei Nova 2i smartphone can be another option when wishing to open the monitor of the smartphone with fingerprint censor when the hands are wet. ‘Face Unlock’ thus provides a new lifestyle perspective.

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The arrangement of the feature is easy and is available for two options. Firstly, “Direct Unlock” or “Slide to Unlock”of your Huawei Nova 2i smartphone. When choosing ‘Slide to Unlock’, you can make use of the smart locked monitor notifications. If the Huawei Nova 2i smartphone identifies the one who uses it isn’t the owner then the smartphone will automatically hide information or notification contents, such as Short Message Service or SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE, and others.

This feature has protection dimensions, which are ‘The Storage Security’ where which its CPU Trusted Execution Environment area chipset Kirin contains information about the face of the user. This feature thus has very solid security system. The second one is “The Algorithm Security” where which it contains more than 1,000 face information that enables the smartphone to recognize the face of its user.

On the other hand, “AR Lens” at the Huawei Nova 2i smartphone is able to produce cool selfies. Two cameras at this smartphone help consumers catching beautiful colors and amazing natural landscape. The “AR Lens” also enables users to get more creative in storing moments via the front cameras.

For instance, the consumers can select innovative variants from Augmented Reality then creative backgrounds when using the AR lens feature. The users can be in one frame with idols or be at favorite places thanks to this feature.

There are two steps to upgrade this smartphone for getting the features; going to Settings-System Update. Then click System Update and three points at the upper right corner.

Three millions people have bought Huawei Nova 2i since the product launching in late October. This is the first product from producer Huawei that brings ‘Quad Camera’ and ‘Full View Display’ concepts and is launched in Indonesia in November 2017.



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