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Have Over 100 Million Users, SHAREit Gets First Rank in Google Play Indonesia


Although the name is less well-known when compared to social media applications, the popularity of this sharing apps cannot be denied. AppAnnie’s latest data says the SHAREit app is ranked first for all app categories on Google Play Indonesia with over 100 million users. Previously, SHAREit also successfully became the top app in Google Play India.

Achievement is deserved thumbs up. Michael Qiu, CEO of SHAREit Technologies Co Ltd, said that with the position of Indonesia as one of the largest mobile device market, the success of topped Google Play Indonesia further strengthens SHAREit’s position as one of the most popular applications in the world, especially among millennials.

Disclosed, the success of SHAREit in Indonesia is inseparable from the ever-increasing population of smartphone users. This is also driven by the development of digital lifestyle trends among consumers followed by increased sharing/file transfer or file sharing. Consumers of Indonesia are increasingly intelligent course will choose file sharing technology that does not use the quota of data packets, offering higher speed than Bluetooth, and can be done cross-platform.


Carefulness to understand the needs and potential market becomes one of the factors that make SHAREit as a start-up from China that is able to fly in global level. They became the most popular apps in many countries including Indonesia.

With various features owned by SHAREit such as cost-effective file transfer capability without Internet connection and file sharing feature in real time through Share Zone, no wonder if this application is so in demand by the millennial. Driven by a unique way of spontaneous distribution through word-of-mouth conversations among its users, SHAREit has a rapid growth trend worldwide.

Attention to specific local market needs should also be a concern for startups looking to play in the global marketplace. SHAREit, for example, offers customized designs to simplify use in different countries and provides 39 types of languages to make it easier for users around the world. To strengthen its position in the market, SHAREit also holds local nuanced activities to attract users with different cultures.


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