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Here are 3 Latest Motorola Smartphone with Nuance Typical Indonesia


Since purchased by Lenovo, Motorola again aggressively entered the mobile market. Not only the premium segment that is famous for its Z Series, they also strengthen the mainstream segment of the middle-end class. This week, Lenovo Indonesia launched three new smartphones on Motorola’s product portfolio, namely, Moto G5S Plus, Moto E4 Plus and Moto C Plus.

According to Adrie R. Suhadi, Country Lead, Lenovo Mobile Business Group Indonesia, the three new products affirm confidence in Indonesian market and commitment to consumers in Indonesia. “Indonesia is one of 10 important markets for Motorola and we are developing a more nuanced Indonesian product, Motorola is developing a boot-up animation with a truly Indonesian feel and creating ringtones that take the distinctive voice of angklung and kolintang,” Adrie said.

Here are three of Motorola’s latest smartphones launched for the Indonesian market.


1. Moto G5S Plus 

Although not part of the Google One Android project, Moto G5S Plus is known as one of the Pure Android phones. This phone has more excellent features in its class like dual camera features that usually only exist in premium smartphones.

The 13 MP dual rear camera feature is combined with special software to enhance photo quality, enabling users to do more creativity with their photos. The ‘selective focus’ mode makes it easy to take professional pictures by adding ‘blur’ background effects or called bokeh. Or it could also use black and white mode, or change the background of the photo.

Meanwhile, 8MP Moto G5S Plus front camera with wide-angle equipped with LED selfie flash and new ‘panoramic selfie’ mode so that it can take selfie photos not only friends but also the surrounding environment

The Moto G5S Plus is equipped with precision sizes and displays, which usually only exist in premium devices. This smartphone features an impressive all-digital unibody design and a 5.5 inch Full HD screen, perfect for watching movies on the go. The Moto G5S Plus is also powered by the super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 2.0 GHz processor, powerful graphics capabilities and 4G LTE support so it can run your favorite applications at high speed2.

You can move from morning to night with the support capacity of 3000 mAh battery that gives you enough power. Plus, you can charge quickly using a TurboPower charger that delivers 6 hours of battery power in just 15 minutes of charging time. The Moto G5SPlus fingerprint reader has more functions, ranging from locking the smartphone to making mobile payments. We also make Moto G5S Plus easy to use with the moto experience features of motto displays and action moto including 2 new features Night Display and Quick Reply, two new Moto Experience which becomes part of our unique collection of software experience.

Smartphones are of concern to many people is available during the pre-order September 20-28, 2017 at Lazada.co.id at a price of Rp2.999.000. Consumers can also get promo program of Freedom bundling package from Indosat which is quota 12GB / month with cost Rp50.000.


2. Moto E4 Plus 

To get better features, such as HD screens and large battery capacity, please see Moto E4 Plus. Once you try a smartphone equipped with a bright 5.5 inch HD screen with this fine metal cover, it will be hard to remove it again. With 5000 mAh capacity, you do not have to bother charging battery5. But when you have to charge, you can do it quickly because Moto E⁴ Plus comes with a 10W rapid charger that delivers power for hours just by charging time for a few minutes.

Access your smartphone faster with your fingerprint reader to unlock your smartphone. Once the smartphone is on, you will not miss any moment as the Moto E⁴ Plus comes with a 13MP rear camera with autofocus and a 5MP front camera with selfie flashlights to capture crystal clear photos even in low lighting.

With the support of quad-core processors and 4G6 speeds, Moto E⁴ Plus offers the power you need to crawl your favorite websites, play games and more – without having to wait. And with the latest version of Android 7.1 operating system, you can get the best with Moto E⁴ Plus. We also added 2 moto experience features namely one button navigation and moto display.

Moto E4 Plus is available in retail stores starting September 20, 2017, at a price of Rp2,333,000. Fun again, during the promo period 20-28 September 2017 will get Motorola Moto Pulse 2 worth Rp399.000 and cash back up to Rp200.000 for Moto E4 Plus for purchase by credit card from certain banks and installments 0% up to 10 months from HCI.


3. Moto C Plus 

This smartphone offers a wider screen, larger battery capacity, and a more sophisticated camera at a price that fits the budget. We no longer need to look for electrical outlets thanks to the capacity of 4000 mAh battery. When busy on the move, we can easily use 2 mobile numbers to work and personal with dual-SIM slots, or add more space for apps, photos, and music using microSD8 cards.

Moto C Plus with 5 “HD display also features a camera with good performance in its class. This phone has a 2MP front camera and selfie flash, as well as the 8MP rear camera with LED flash.

For those of you who are interested, Moto C Plus will be available in retail stores starting September 20, 2017, at a price of Rp1,777,000. During the promo period, 20-28 September 2017 will get Motorola Moto Pulse 2 worth Rp399.000.- Also cash back up to Rp100.000 for purchases using credit cards from certain banks and installments 0% to 10 months from Home Credit Indonesia.

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