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AMD Ryzen Mobile, Fastest Processor for Ultrathin Notebook Launched in Indonesia

AMD Ryzen Mobile

For gamers, overclockers or geek, powerful computer hardware has become an absolute thing that cannot be negotiable. One sector that gets serious attention is the processor. Where is currently the processor that is becoming one of the favorites among the enthusiast is AMD Ryzen Mobile.

This week, AMD Ryzen mobile processor is officially launched into the Indonesian market. According to Peter Chambers, AMD Consumer Sales Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, AMD Ryzen mobile processor is a way to strengthen the position of AMD in the PC market (personal computer). This new lineup of processors will deliver cutting-edge performance on mobile PC and ultrathin notebooks.

AMD Ryzen Mobile also offers a new form factor on notebooks supported by OEM partners so that AMD can answer the main trend needs for the notebook market such as thin and light, multipurpose, and entertainment ‘on the go’.

“Not only does it answer the needs of these new designs, Ryzen Mobile will also provide the superior experience in everyday activities, multi-tasking, and high workloads, and all the advantages are also supported by amazing battery life,” said Peter at a meeting the press in Jakarta (7/11).

With the code name “Raven Ridge”, the processor is claimed to deliver cutting-edge performance and complete entertainment experience with optimum efficiency for the 2-in-1, multipurpose and premium ultrathin portable computers. AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor is claimed to be the fastest processor for ultrathin notebooks, with multi-threaded CPU performance up to 44% better3 and graphics performance that is 161% better4 than its 3.4 competitors.

Consisting of up to 4 cores and 8 threads, AMD Ryzen mobile processors already use SenseMI AMD technology and are designed for good performance in a slim form. AMD Ryzen 7 7 2700U processors present a nominal 15W on processor TDP3.4.

In addition, the Ryzen mobile processor delivers much faster performance compared to previous AMD mobile processor generations. Where CPU performance increases to 3X faster, GPU performance up to 2.3X faster, and power consumption up to 58% more efficient.

In addition, the ranks of AMD Ryzen mobile processors are also the first to introduce Precision Boost 2 technology that is useful to speed up processor performance in working using one to many CPU8 cores. As well as the Extended Range Frequency (MXFR) mobile feature, which improves performance on notebooks with a good and certified cooling solution for “Ultimate XFR Performance”

AMD Ryzen mobile processor with Radeon graphics is also called going to pamper the gamers because it gives a special GPU performance. GPU Radeon delivers smooth and playable framerate at 1080p resolution on well-known eSports game titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, CS: GO and DOTA 2. Also ready to run leading-edge display technologies such as HDR11, Radeon FreeSync 212, and monitors 4K13.

AMD is also one step ahead with its 25X20 initiative. With AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor enabling 5.86X increased power efficiency starting from the start of the initiative. The AMD Ryzen mobile processor is targeting an increase of up to 2X of battery life.

In Indonesia, AMD is working with a number of partners from leading computer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS.

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