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Here’s the Reason Why Bhinneka Supports eSports in Indonesia


Bhinneka seems to want to get closer to gamers community. No half-hearted, the e-commerce pioneer in Indonesia also provides its own support to the community.

This is evidenced by the convening of an event titled Bhinneka e-Sports Zone 2017 which is the first gaming event that is self-organize itself. The game is Dota 2 which currently still has a large community and fans in Indonesia. Claimed, as many as 24 teams compete in this eSport event.

Took place in Ratu Plaza for 5-10 June 2017, this event also has a series of other programs such as Dota 2 Cosplay Competition, meet and greet and 1-on-1 with some of Indonesia’s top guest team, photo competition via Instagram, talk show, to bazaar Gaming products with discounts up to 70%.

“Currently, the growth of gaming in Indonesia reaches more than 30%  which certainly turns on other industries related to it eSport itself has also been declared by the government as an official sport which we certainly support its growth, especially since we are a player in the sale of computer products, hardware, and gaming, of course, trying to keep the industry continues to grow, “said Hendrik Tio, Bhinneka CEO in a press conference that took place last Saturday (10/06/2017).

What Hendrik disclosed is not excessive, because according to Newzoo report, the total expenditure spent on the game in 2014 reached Rp 13 trillion with an average of every gamer spend about Rp 200 thousand to buy the game. For the year 2017, this market analyst company predicted spending spent on game spending could reach Rp 27 trillion and globally reached Rp 121 trillion.

“Playing online games does require hardware and software with high specifications, it certainly seems expensive, but if cultivated seriously will bring very high profits can reach hundreds of millions per month, so it is worth it,” said Hendrik.

bhinneka esport

By holding Bhinneka e-Sport Zone, Hendrik hopes that many people will know eSport. He’s also promise will continue to get closer to the community as a form of eSport growth support in the country. Not surprisingly, it provides prizes awarded for the winners in this event with a total reach Rp 150 million.

“The assumption that playing games are a waste of time is wrong, there is nothing wrong with playing the game seriously because it can bring huge income. Not only that, with more and more gamers will grow the game industry. I confess that myself do not just play the game, but also follow its development, “said the figure who loves this Pokemon Go game.


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