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Bill Gates Give Fund to Indonesian Startup Company Halodoc

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One of the richest men on earth Bill Gates is investing in one of Indonesian health care service startup company Halodoc. The Investment he does is through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The fund from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Halodoc itself got into extended B series funding rounds. And in this round, Bill gates is not the one who invested in this company. There two more big investors that join the funding, they are Allianz and Prudential.

It was still unknown how much fund one of the richest men in the world gives. Until now Halodoc claimed that they manage to collect fund until a hundred million American dollars or about Rp1, 4 trillion.

Jonathan Sudharta, the CEO of Halodoc said that they planned to use the collected fund to spread their health care service. To be more specific Halodoc wants to spread their service to a couple of cities in Indonesia, but it’s not one of the major cities it’s like a more remote one.

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Halodoc App (source: Womantalk.com)

With this, it will make their users easier in enjoying their service. Right now Halodoc available in 50 different cities in Indonesia.

“This strategic partnership will help improve the quality and quantity of health care option available to Indonesian citizen who lives in a remote place or outside of large cities, especially outside Java, where health service infrastructure has not been widely built,” said Jonathan.

Halodoc is one of the fastest-growing health-based apps in Indonesia. This company was built on 2016 in Jakarta by Jonathan Sudharta. Through Halodoc you can talk to a specialist doctor, buy medicine, you can also do a laboratory check through smartphone whenever you like.

And for the medicine buying, you can get it to send to you through Go-Jek. Every month Halodoc serving around seven million people throughout Indonesia. Most of the customer/user comes from major cities.

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