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Refuse to be Old Fashioned, BlackBerry Will Release Water Resistant Smartphone


BlackBerry may not be a favorite smartphone user anymore, but that does not mean the brand is really dead. In the midst of the many smartphones that already feature waterproof and dust, the Canadian vendor is preparing the latest champion who has similar features.

Refuse to be Old-Fashioned, BlackBerry Will Release Its Water Resistant Smartphone

This is revealed through the site page Engadget, Wednesday (08/30/2017), where TCL claims will present a BlackBerry device that has been certified IP67 so as to make it waterproof and dust in October. TCL itself is China’s designated BlackBerry-designated manufacturer for making the device, after releasing DTEK 50 and 60 series.

Francois Mahieu, TCL representative, mentioned that in addition to waterproof and dust, the latest BlackBerry device to be presented also has a long battery life up to 26 hours of use. He believes with a combination of strength and endurance, will make these devices more competitive than the iPhone and other Android devices.

It may boast a bit, but Mahieu predicts that many iPhone and Android users will switch to the device once it launches later. Although running on the Android OS, he believes that the BlackBerry it produces has higher security than other Android devices.

“We will be playing with different cards,” he said when mentioned about his rivalry in the smartphone market. According to him, with the strength of the body, battery, and security will strengthen the brand position in the market. In fact, for the price will also be more competitive than the current flagship smartphone.

Although Mahieu did not mention what type of the mysterious device, PhoneArena already has its own predictions. According to the site, the device to be launched is BlackBerry BBD100-1 which will be powered Snapdragon 626 processor and 4 GB RAM. For the launch, this device will show themselves at the IFA 2017 event to be held in Berlin, Germany on 1 to 6 September.

If it is true the BlackBerry will carry all these features, do you think this device will be really more interesting than the flagship smartphone that has been sold today, Gizmolovers?

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