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Blibli’s “The Big Start Season 4” Pushes UMKM Creativity

Blibli The Big Start Season 4

If you are a creativepreneur and love making a cool product that can help people need, you must know about entrepreneur competition of The Big Start Indonesia Season 4. The competition that is held by one of the online shop site Blibli.com has the theme “Light up Your Ambition and Make Your Success”

This competition is have full support from the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Creative Economy Organization, and Prasetya Mulya University. The Big Start Indonesia Season 4 Competition have is strict on their selection of participant, they will eliminate everyone until the best 20 left. The best 20 will then face a test and challenge and will be assessed by the judge and qualify for the elimination round.

The total prize of the previous season is more than 1,1 billion Rupiah, but this season prize is more than last season which is more than 1.3 billion Rupiah. With this big prize, they hope that the winners can make their UMKM reach a global level. Beside cash prize, Blibli.com will help train the winners in their Entrepreneurship, a chance to be promoted in many media, and open a way for a better business distribution, and their product will be available on Blibli.

Blibli will strengthen the capacity of young Creativepreuner with TBS Season 4 competition and with Gallery Indonesia, which is a marketing platform and continuous guidance for creativeprenuer. “We will carry out marketing approach 4.0 for these 2 initiatives. It is like prioritizing collaboration, networking, and synergy between online and offline in developing businesses in the digital era.” Said The Deputy CMO of Bilbli, Andy Adrian.

There are several requirements that you must have to participate in The Big Start Indonesia. First, your business is not some, franchise, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), or reseller. Second, you must have a working business for a year and have at least 2 product complete with their packaging. Third, the product must be made in Indonesia and not some import and you must have an identification card or KTP and age between 18-35 years old.

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