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The Citizens of BSD City Get Digital Smart City Service Through the ‘OneSmile App’

onesmile app

Sinar Mas Land efforts to build the BSD City area as “The First Integrated Smart Digital City” in Indonesia is becoming more prominent. Property developer owned by Sinar Mas Group conducted a number of initiatives to make it happen. Most recently, they launched OneSmile App, an integrated mobile applications designed specifically to optimize the quality of life of citizens BSD City.

Supported systems, facilities, and infrastructure and digital technology, OneSmile App allows people to live their daily activities. OneSmile App was created to address the challenges of the pace of development of digital technologies which helped change lifestyles BSD City dwellers are accustomed to using a smartphone with a variety of device applications.

Sinar Mas Land as the premier developer of independent city BSD City brings the latest facilities through OneSmile App is capable of providing e-Wallet services, Community Platform, Loyalty Programs, and Business Performance Management Solutions.


OneSmile App interface

This app gives the ease of information and ease in all forms of transactions for the inhabitants of smart cities ranging from bill payment, water bill Dues Environmental Management (IPL), see the transportation schedule and traffic conditions, buying a ticket, shopping for daily needs (groceries), to do food orders from various restaurant in the heart of BSD City.

Irvan Yasni, CTO Sinar Mas Land said with the presence of this mobile app, Sinar Mas Land hope that the application can provide ease in performing various kinds of transactions from order to payment.

To bring that app, Sinar Mas Land, in collaboration with PT Kresna Graha Investama as a developer of OneSmile App. Jahja Suryandy, Managing Director of PT Kresna Graha Investama Tbk said the launch of this premiere is just the first step. This time, they prepared a variety of development and innovation that combines the latest technology to make the OneSmile as every day’s lifestyle for the residents of BSD City. Some of which are GPS tracking, CCTV view, and smart home button.

“All of this course aims to provide a solution and ease with a more efficient way for the residents of BSD City in fulfillment of the needs and their daily activities,” said Jahja.

The application can be downloaded for free for users of smartphones based on Android or iOS. The project with investment of IDR 1 billion is targeting as many as 200,000 OneSmile App users


OneSmile App launch event in BSD City, South Tangerang

Smart Digital City Concept in BSD

The growing sophistication of digital technology makes Sinar Mas Land aggressively delivering facilities and infrastructure-based technology in the satellite city. BSD City is designed as “The First Integrated Smart Digital City” which is supported by the systems, facilities, and technology infrastructure and digital to facilitate the public in performing their daily activities.

For heading in that direction, starting with the provision of a OneSmile app that integrated and accessible to the whole community BSD City. The company is also building a fiber optic network, CCTV scattered in a number of areas that can be monitored through a command center, and did not escape provides the service of free wifi in the public areas. Transformation is expected to improve the quality of life of the residents of BSD City. This transformation continues with allocating one area for a digital community, namely the Digital Hub.

Located in the southern part of the Green Office Park, BSD City, this area is predicted as the Silicon Valley of Indonesia. The Digital Hub is built to answer the needs of society in the era of digital technology will be the area that has the infrastructure, technology, facilities, and strategically located and multi-access.

This area is also to support the operational and daily activities of technology companies and digital, ranging from a start-up company, technology leaders, to educational institutions engaged in the field of Science and creative industry. The Digital hub will be equipped with several facilities such as interactive meeting room machine, 3D printing, gaming room, the VR room, segway and other amenities all of these can be used together for the benefit of the community.

Total cost up to IDR 5 trillion, the Digital Hub will start construction in the second quarter of 2017. Apple is a technology giant first called will occupy the area Green Office Park as the place for the first research center in Indonesia.


Digital Hub design in BSD City
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