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E-Samsat Service in West Java – Indonesia Eases Vehicle Tax Payments


Regional Income Board (Bapenda) in the development of innovation service of motor vehicle tax payment through Automated Teller Machine (ATM) a number of Banks that have been appointed. Telkomsel has been appointed an authorized partner in providing E-Samsat in West Java primary contact number for the provision of information regarding the details of the vehicle’s tax payable obligations. So that the users of the vehicle do not need to spend the time to make the confirmation in advance to the office of SAMSAT Jabar.

General Sales Regional West Java Telkomsel Agustiyono further explained that it is committed to continuously support and deliver integrated mobile service solutions for the communication system needs of agencies, stakeholders, and corporate customers. Especially in optimizing broadband and digital based services to the maximum that can strengthen and harmonize the needs of local government agencies related to the formation of Smart City ecosystem in West Java Province.


Illustration of access service e-Samsat West Java via mobile phone (Photo: Telkomsel)

With the support of Telkomsel’s service for E-Samsat West Java service, the vehicle users simply send a short message (SMS) to the number 0811-211-9211. The format is esamsat (space) frame number (space) ID number.

Furthermore, the taxpayers will get a short message service from E-Samsat services in West Java which has been adjusted with the vehicle data and details of the tax amount to be paid in accordance with the data database owner of the vehicle located on the server Samsat West Java.

After receiving a reply message from the service, the customer will get 16 digit pay code (written KD BYR) on SMS reply, the code will be used when making payment transactions at ATM. Each customer can make payment through Bank BJB, BNI, BRI, and BCA. After previously entering the code or code Samsat Jabar code that can be accessed through the information in the ATM users of the Taxpayer plus 16 digit code paid.

Proof of enrichment in the form of receipt obtained after transaction processing at ATM can be valid proof of payment, and if necessary to strengthen the legality aspect more formally, the receipt may be brought to Samsat and printed proof of payment of tax at STNK as usual at no additional charge.


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