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Evercoss N2, Feature Phone Under 15 Bucks Released in Indonesia

Evercoss N2

Gizmolovers, does anyone still use feature phone or basic phone? Maybe if in a big city like Jakarta and hanging out in the shopping center, it would be difficult to see. But it does not mean feature phone lose aura. Phones with these basic features are still in great demand by consumers, with huge sales volume especially in developing countries like India and Indonesia. This is what makes Evercoss targeting the potential market with the release of Evercoss N2 in Indonesia.

According to Suryadi Willim, Head of Marcomm ATL Evercoss, feature phone users are included in the category of entry-level users and lower middle-income people. “Generally for beginners users only need basic communication devices such as for telephone, listening to music, radio and want a more affordable phone,” said Suryadi Willim.

For that reason, Evercoss launched its newest product series Evercoss N2 in the feature phone category that is a very affordable price of IDR 200,000 or estimated USD 14,9 (under 15 bucks). For consumers who are interested to have it, Evercoss N2 has been available in Evercoss network retail stores throughout Indonesia and can be purchased online.

The phone is equipped with complete features to meet the needs of users. 2.4 “QVGA screen is quite comfortable to operate. Evercoss N2 supports Dual SIM so that users can store two GSM cards in this phone to support communication.

There is also WAP & GPRS connectivity if you want to simply access social networks or browse websites. Again, just GPRS, so do not expect to enjoy a faster connection let alone watch a YouTube video. It would be very tired.

Also included is a digital camera equipped with video recording and torch light capabilities. Unfortunately, it is not informed camera specifications. But if see the type of phone and the price, we can guess the resolution is no more than 2 MP or maybe just 1.3 MP or VGA. Practically, as with Internet connectivity, you also can not expect much on the quality of the camera. Even this feature is eliminated is not a problem, it can reduce the price lower.

That is quite a relief, this phone also provides a micro-SD memory slot up to 16GB which can be used to store the collection of songs and video clips favorite. It is enough for leisure in the leisure.

Suryadi Willim optimistic, the latest product Evercoss New N2 will get a positive response from consumers. Because enthusiasts feature phone in Indonesia is still quite large. Especially in the suburbs. “With Evercoss N2 that has full features and very affordable prices, we are optimistic to dominate feature phone market or low-end phones in Indonesia,” said Suryadi Willim.

Evercoss N2 Tech Specs

  • LCD 2.4″ QVGA
  • Digital Camera
  • Battery 850 mAh
  • Dual SIM
  • micro sd up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth A2DP, MP3, MP4, 3GP, FM radio, Video recording, torch light.

Price: IDR 200.000


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