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Family Protect Service from Telkomsel Brings Family Safe Internet Access

Family Protect

As parents, you are often anxious, worried about children accessing inappropriate internet content? The concern is justified because today’s digital content is abundant both positive and negative. To stem negative content, Telkomsel has a #InternetBaik program aimed at the children segment, as well as parents and teachers at school. The program is currently equipped with the presence of Family Protect service.

Programs that support the positive use of the Internet in collaboration with Family Zone, an Australian company engaged in internet security (internet safety). According to Crispin Tristram, Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel, to minimize the use of the Internet that gives adverse impact on children, Telkomsel strives to provide solutions through innovative parrot family protective services with full features that can be customized according to the customs and needs of each family.

Mobile-based applications, Family Protect allows parents to monitor and control activity on a child’s mobile device. So children are protected from unfavorable impacts when surfing like cyber-bullying, accessing forbidden websites, and excessive Internet usage time.


Family Protect

The Family Protect service is fully featured to monitor and control internet activity on mobile devices owned by children. Among these is Safe Content that serves to eliminate negative content or adult content, block sites, and search restrictions from Google sites, Bing and YouTube based on certain keywords.

In addition, there are features of Manage Apps that are useful to block downloads and turn off app purchase function. Also Manage Screen Time to set the child’s online activity time in some conditions such as study time, school, and rest. In the meantime, Device Feature Manager feature can also be used by the parent to manage access feature on child device, for example, camera, and others.

The Telkomsel and Family Zone collaborations for these services also provide different parental control experiences from similar services, such as the use of parent and child connected apps through activation keys, access to cyber experts for internet security related consultations, warnings against illicit site access or other violations, remote control to turn off child Internet services, dashboard browsing activity and app usage on child devices, and more.

But this is not an app that can be enjoyed for free. All Telkomsel subscribers can use this parental control service by accessing * 500 * 56 # with the subscription rate of IDR 13,200 per month for two protected devices or Rp. 8,800 per month for one protected device. After selecting a subscription rate, subscribers will then get an SMS with a link to download the Family Protect app on Google Play store, along with its activation code.


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