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Huawei FusionServer Pro, Enterprise-Grade Mission-Critical Server

Photo: 123rf/ Monsit Jangariyawong

Huawei has a proven track record of collaborating with mainstream vendors to produce premium technologies. One of the exemplar products of the mutually beneficial partnership is the Huawei FusionServer Pro series. This intelligent server series is built on years of Huawei R&D investment and equipped with advanced technologies, making it an industry-leading product for years.

Huawei and Intel have made relentless effort to iterate server technologies, and this reached new heights earlier. At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 in September, Huawei and Intel jointly launched the next-generation FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 intelligent server at the keynote speech Working Together to Drive New Value.

The FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 houses four 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors in a 2U space, and supports the Intel® Optane™ persistent memory (PMem) 200 series. The server unleashes up to 560 TFLOPS computing power for AI inference and training, fast-tracking the digital transformation of industries.

In addition to hardware collaboration, Huawei innovates together with various software partners to provide customers with diversified solutions. In particular, the Huawei SAP HANA solutions consisting of single-node, cluster, and TDI solutions feature high performance, high reliability, and smooth scaling. The joint solutions are empowered by the Huawei FusionServer Pro series, allowing enterprises to accelerate their critical services, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data warehouse, and quickly analyze key data to efficiently tap into the value of mass data.

The long-term collaboration with mainstream vendors ensures that the FusionServer Pro intelligent servers are equipped with the latest cutting-edge software and hardware products of partners. The intelligent server series runs on the Huawei-developed intelligent NICs (iNICs), SSDs, and AI accelerator cards that improve server performance at the system level. In terms of software, the series boasts five intelligent technologies that cover deployment, discovery, energy saving, upgrade, and maintenance, helping enterprises reduce O&M costs and improve O&M efficiency. According to the ITIC 2018 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report, the Huawei FusionServer Pro intelligent servers provide industry-leading availability of 99.999%, ensuring the stable and secure operations of customer services.

Huawei is committed to long-term, stable collaboration with mainstream partners. Combined with our R&D investment, this foundation has allowed us to build faster, stronger, and smarter x86-based servers, nurturing a healthy computing industry and fueling the digital transformation for all industries. Looking forward, Huawei will adhere to the collaboration for shared success with industry partners for a healthy and stable computing ecosystem.


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