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Huawei to Drive Tech Innovation through Olympiad in Informatics

International Olympiad in Informatics 2022 (IOI) 34 at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Gizmologi – Huawei supported the 34th 2022 International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Yogyakarta as part of its ongoing commitment to developing digital talent competencies at a global level. Over 357 contestants participated in the most prestigious international competition in the field of informatics for middle- and high-school students.

Suharti, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology lauded Huawei’s support to make the event a success by providing technological insights and knowledge to the participants.

“This event greatly underlines the importance of multiple-helix collaboration between the governments, industries, and educational institutions. As one of the global ICT providers, Huawei’s expertise is valuable to broaden the participants’ knowledge and enrich their skills,” asserted Suharti.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wang, Vice President, Management Transformation, Huawei Indonesia hoped that through the event, Huawei hopes to scale up local talents’ competitiveness.

“We want to raise the bar of Indonesian digital talents to be able to compete and take a big step on the global stage. Huawei really appreciates this program and is grateful for being trusted as a supporting partner,” Jeffrey said.

“We also want to encourage these future potential digital talents to prioritize the importance of research that will become an effective foundation for the development of the solutions they will later on create. In Indonesia, we have been committed to nurturing over 100,000 digital talents by 2025. To date, we have been training over 64,000 talents,” Jeffrey added.

Huawei prides itself is a leading global research company with its R&D investment accounting to 22.4% of the total revenue last year.

Meanwhile, in front of hundreds of high school students from a variety of nations who took part in the Olympiad in Informatics, Mohammad Rosidi, Director of ICT Strategies and Business for Huawei Indonesia, encouraged participants to innovate with state-of-the-art technological solutions in order to develop an increasingly smart and interconnected world, which will in turn provide a plethora of benefits to the welfare of the people of all nations.

Through the presentation entitled Leaving No One Behind, Technology Trend for a Better Connected and Intelligent World, Huawei described an increasingly connected and smart global situation in 2030, where All Things Intelligent as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will power up a variety of new applications; All Things Connected with the availability of online data to power new smart machines; and All Things Sensing with digital signals.

The high levels of enthusiasm were made evident by the passion shown by students in following the explanations about growth in 2030 as affirmed by Huawei. There were a number of interesting discussions in this section where it is explained that broadband networks will provide smart connections, with various pervasive computing becoming a computing trend by 2030. 2030 will also be marked by the use of smart, low-carbon energy resources, digital

technology will make the automotive sector smarter, and smart devices will deliver intelligent experiences in all scenarios.

“For this reason, Huawei encourages and supports innovations in the field of research-based technology, to ensure that the entire ecosystem is able to respond to the challenges and large opportunities available in the future. In the hands of these very intelligent and critical young people, we are optimistic that technological inclusivity that is able to bring positive benefits and impacts on the environment, connectivity that reaches rural areas, education, and providing equal access to digital resources in eliminating economic inequality, will all succeed. We also realize this encouragement and support through Huawei’s commitment, namely Tech4All,” said Rosidi.

Huawei’s invitation to encourage potential future digital talents to continue conducting research-based innovations to develop solutions that benefit the wider community is very much in line with the mission of the International Olympiad in Informatics, namely Technology for Prosperity. For Indonesia, this event also has the aim of improving literacy and numeracy skills (computational thinking) for Indonesian children in order to support the Independent Learning (Merdeka Belajar) policy.

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