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Identity security market in 2018 will be dominated by these 5 trends

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Identity security market this year will continue indulging world’s internet users this year as they will enjoy an easier and faster technology experience, says HID Global, international’s trusted identity security solution provider.

A trusted identity security, according to HID Global, would enable organizations making use a more complex identity security system to connect users with their respective surroundings. “Users’ experiences are able to describe cellular technology functions, Internet on Things (IoT) application, and cloud-based service as well as providing new advantages that will serve as innovation key for the future,” said Samuel Asarnoj, Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Business Development of HID Global in a press released obtained by Gizmologi over the weekend.

Samuel Asarnoj. Identity security

According to HID Global, organizations or companies and public will get many advantages from these five trends on identity security that will occur this year.

Better identity security will help organizations taking benefits from cloud-based service

The first trend on identity security market is that organizations will become more aware on the importance of cloud-based service for this will enable them enjoying various flexibilities and connectivity choices to accelerate their adaptations. Cloud-based technology control access with Application Programming Interface/API and Software Development Kit/SDK functions will make it possible to seek a solution on new software that will make organizations to gain maximum outcome for technology investment they make.

Cloud-based card issuance will encourage the use of this service thanks to its superiorities, such as accessibility, data security and affordable cost. Authentication and cloud-based data management will integrate the data to cellular devices, tokens, cards and inter-machine endpoints. Digital certificate on IoT application is able to utilize credible cloud-based service to send and manage certificates in many devices.

Identity security will push more encouragement to IoT security application

The year 2018 will see digital certificate becoming a core element that will increase trust upon IoT application by publishing unique digital identity security to be used at printers and encoders, cellular phones, tablets, video cameras and building automation system. In addition, IoT application will expand service reach so as it will connect cars and medical devices. The capability of Apple iOS 11 to have ‘read’ NFC will push the use of IoT application security, like brand protection and customers loyalty program.

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Better identity security will make cellular access gets more popular

In relation to identity security market, this year will record bigger cellular access usage compared to that of last year. Public become more able to get safer and more comfortable access thanks to more advanced cellular systems, two of which are integrating system and making cellular operation more efficient. Furthermore, HID predicts organizations will invest more money on readers and other infrastructures to support the development of NFC and BLE in the future. NFC is a type of card that is beloved by users for controlling cellular access and is used by Apple Pay.

Solutions for centralized profile data will be realized

Applying Physical Identity & Access Management or PIAM makes it possible to join identities for all needs. If realized, some institutions, such as financial foundations, energy industry stakeholders and governments, will be the first that will make use of this innovation to create access security for various services, like emails, websites and VPN.

Apart from that, centralized identity security that uses cloud-based service authentication and cellular devices provide advantages, like informing users’ whereabouts and their physical traits.

Data analysis ready to form risk prediction, new capability

The last trend in identity security market relates to upcoming analysis materials that are gathered from the connection of devices, access controlling system, IoT application and other solutions to cloud-based service. The result of the analysis will give an easier access for end-users and maximize working flow.

Predictive and biometric analysis will influence centralized security things for users and fulfill employees’ needs toward their companies in premium and individual ways. Analysis also help utilizing working time optimally thus pushing firms’ working efficiency via real-time observations.

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