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Reason Why Image Stabilization Technology in Camera Important For Travel Bloggers

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Traveling which was once the tertiary has now been transformed into a lifestyle and for some people has become a primary need. The progress of internet and digital cameras technology have an important role to make the trip is becoming a trend. Because when the journey, usually interspersed with the photos, then share the results on social media, to write the story of his journey on the blog. Up comes the term travel bloggers.

Not a few of the travel bloggers who have photography skills are qualified. They are self-taught exercise during the trip. Armed with awesome photos combined with storytelling skill through blog posts or Instagram caption, don’t be surprised if the travel blogger who managed to capture the reader or quite a lot of followers.

In order to travel more comfortable, the type of camera that is becoming a favorite among travel bloggers is mirrorless. The main reason is because of its compact shape of a pocket camera but has the toughness of the same with a DSLR camera. So it is more space-saving and also light. In addition, mirrorless cameras make photographing human interest is not awkward and is easy to blend in with society as inconspicuous as a professional photographer, but is considered like a tourist most.

However, there are several aspects that need to be considered when choosing a mirrorless camera. The most important part to note is the sensor that is used, because this is what determines the quality of the photo. Furthermore, the availability of various lenses camera. Even when traveling, You may not be carrying the lens much because it is definitely a hassle. The third part is no less important is the image stabilization (IS).

Image Stabilization technology

Image stabilization technology made to compensate for the shake of the camera while we photograph so that the picture is sharp. The outline function IS useful to get the result that the image is stable and sharp when shooting with low light conditions (which require slow speed) or when the condition of the camera was shaken when in video mode recording. As good and as expensive as any lens, when the camera is subjected to shake then the results of the photo will be reduced sharpness.

This technology is increasingly important for the travel bloggers so that they no longer need to carry a tripod while traveling. Where a tripod that functions to get the sharp photos very heavy weight and quite troublesome during the trip. The function of the tripod is replaced by the image stabilization which is currently applied by many camera manufacturers.

In general, IS has 2 types, namely that there on the lens (lens-based) and on the camera body (body-based). Well, the IS on the lens using an optical element of the additional are limited to only working on the 2-axis is on the x and y-axis. Usually, they pin IS on the camera body 3-axis, lens 2-axis.


5-axis image stabilization technology in Olympus camera.

But now, IS technology is growing. One of them was pioneered by Olympus that immerse IS on the camera body with 5-axis. With unite IS on the camera body to get the optimal result. Using a lens without IS, the result remains stable.

One of the 5-axis IS technology is applied in a mirrorless camera Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark II. 5-Axis technology contained in the body camera of Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark II works with moving image sensor in the direction of the movement on the x and y-axis, the pitch movement (like the movement of nodding), yaw (such as the movement shook his head) and rolling (such as movement of the lens rotate).

Thanks to the technology of 5-axis Image Stabilization on mirrorless camera’s, the travel blogger can shoot with a slow shutter speed without the worry of the result is a blur. When the camera is recording a video, the resulting image becomes much more stable right movie recording by professionals.

Then keep in mind that the camera is lightweight because it does not require additional stabilizers such as a gimbal and the other that actually adds weight and cost. Most of all, of course, the fixed image of high quality and remain sharp.

Marrysa Tunjung Sari, a professional photographer, travel blogger, who is also a journalist of travel magazine a flight, like the features of 5-axis Image Stabilization on the mirrorless camera.  While traveling to the Cave of Liang Carcass in the Regency of Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan, Sasha, as he is familiarly called, entered into the cave that the lighting is definitely lacking.

“I love this camera because it can shoot with difficult conditions. Experience in the Liang Bangkai cave, forgot to bring the tripod does not preclude shooting. 5-axis IS function helpful when the lighting is less,” said the owner of the Instagram’s account @Poeticpicture.


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